Monday, 7 November 2011

The Sound of Silence (Post 48)

I thought I had nothing to say ... how wrong I was
I thought no-one would listen, but you do  

Whilst I have renounced my blog of late I have remarkably achieved an additional three virtual friends; for which I am sincerely grateful. 

Nici, Ine and Heather a very big 'Welcome' to my blog.  You have contributed to 'awakening' my blog!  Thank you for breaking the silence.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and all other 59 virtual friends.

So without any further ado, let me introduce you to:

Here we have a very talented lady, her work is just so professional, and captures the inner child in us all, with fond memories of faeries and the like.  Her blog is very interesting and her website hosts an assortment of beautiful goblins, jewellery and lots of little treasures.  In fact, if you weren't a Goblin fan I'll guarantee you soon will be!

Ine specialises in jewellery, with her collection of polymer clay, glass beads and leather.  Some really cute items!  Ine is from Belgium but blogs in English as well - pretty amazing in itself.  New to polymer clay work?  You'll love Ine's easy-to-follow tutorials.

Heather - Dragonfly Lampworks
Heather is a self-taught lamp work artist, first taking the plunge about 6 yrs ago.  Her work is very popular and sells very quickly on her Etsy store.  Heather work supports charity organisations - her jewellery will inspire any budding 'lamp worker.

Déjà vu
Today is Handmade Monday an opportunity for you to see some interesting, exciting and affordable goodies.  I have highlighted Wendy's site before, because it really is good to see so many like-minded artists and get an insight into a corner of their world.  Pop across and have a look ... you won't be disappointed!

They say 'Rome wasn't built in a day' ... how true that is!  So tomorrow I'll post again and bring you up-to-date on events.   In the meantime ...

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. Welcome back to the land of blog - really, you'd be surprised how many people stumble across a blog and they don't need to be followers to actually read it - some of my customers tell me they have mine on their favourites button and many more find me on Google. Keep blogging x

  2. Thanks Caroline, Wendy,

    Its really good to be back ... I think this is the longest period I've NOT blogged and you do miss it. You tend to think your doing it for yourself, not realising the impact you may have on others. So rest assured, my blog is definitely 'alive and active' from this point onwards.

  3. Welcome back to blogging - very addictive reading everyone's blogs. Lots of great ideas.

  4. Charters, so good to have you back... I know that if it wasn't for the discipline of Handmade Monday, I would not blog as regularly as I do. Will be here tomorrow to see what you have been up to :)

  5. Welcome back, it's so easy to get out of the habit, so hopefully you are now back into the habit :o)

    Jan x

  6. Welcome back to blogland. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Thanks Everybody! Good to be back. x

  8. Sometimes it's good to have a break away so you can come back refreshed and enjoy your blog rather than it being a chore sometimes. Welcome back

  9. I think your right Dreamstar, I do enjoy blogland and getting to know you all.


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