Monday, 4 July 2011

It Takes Two (Post 47)

Hello and Welcome

A very big welcome to Jenn, of Leftsox who has recently joined us.  Jen is a fellow beader and has sculptured some lovely pieces, whilst also raising 4 sons, a daughter and 2 dogs .... amazing!  Where do you find the time?

Its Handmade Monday No. 23; hosted by Wendy, its a place were you will find a lot of talented like-minded folk.  You too can be part of it if you would like to.  Pop over and take blog hop, guarantee you'll enjoy it.

OK, what have I been up to ... aside from a short break, which I must admit was just perfect!

Dalmation Nugget Twist

I can finally reveal my 'nuggety' necklace that I've been working on.  Which is based on just TWO STITCHES; spiral chain and russian spiral.  The stitches that I very recently came acquainted with.

I used Dalmation Jasper nuggets, metallic grey twisted bugle beads and red and black glass seed beads.

I created little bugle spiral cages and between each a cluster of nuggets; and to keep the theme I finished with the necklace piece in red/black glass beads.  Its interesting to note that the neck piece is the same stitch that I used on the the nugget twist.  Surprising how a different texture can change the look - well it surprised me!

(c) Charters: Dalmation Nugget Twist
I'm really getting used to doing ball cluster and loop clasps, which finished this necklace just nicely.  

Of course, I couldn't stop there - and created matching earrings.

(c) Charters: Dalmation Nugget Twist

In The Pink

Remember my very first spiral chain?  

It was a very delicate pink/green one that I made into a bracelet and very ambitiously I was making a peyote clasp for.  Well, perhaps a little too adventurous for me just yet.  

So, that too ended up with, you've guessed it - a ball cluster and loop clasp.

I thought perhaps a pair of earrings, but not too sure on whether that was a right decision?  They have been labelled as 'sea horses' ... 'the cheek of it'!!!

As you can see I'm keen to add my own stamp to my jewellery and I was very lucky to receive some beautiful bead weaving books for my birthday which I'm hoping will give me a greater insight to working in 2D and 3D.

I'm still picking up basic stitches at the minute and have had a frustrating couple of days getting to grips with one in particular!

Brick Stitch - aka Comanche Stitch
Its a stitch that was used for centuries by Native Americans for amulet bags etc.

This is a very strong stitch which is used in particular as a base stitch for 2D and 3D work, so I've been really knuckling down trying my utmost to learn it. 

Now this is where being left-handed has caused me to get a little mixed up.  But ... never one to give up easily, after 2 days it finally all came together.  This was, to me, amazing! To those of you more experienced, it is probably a simplistic stitch.  I was beginning to think I must be 'really thick', and I can't tell you how many times I've started the technique, only to rip it apart.

I used various books and online tutorials to work it out, each one being 'not quite' legible (to me anyway).  Then ... I don't know why, but I GOT IT ... that's a great feeling.  More so because without Brick Stitch, the chance of doing multi-dimensional work was looking slim.  

And here you have it ... a pair of tear drop, (sort of - I had thought they were going to be diamonds ... or do I mean they should have been?).  Made with a red seed bead with a hint of gold/purple, (I know you can't see it in the piccy but its a very shiny pretty colour).  These were just a 3-row foundation which decrease by one stitch each row.  Turned upside down to complete the 2nd half.

Just the beginning, and more practice definitely needed!  But, hey ... I can do brickstitch!!!  Yippee ....

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. All those tiny beads!! very impressive :)

  2. Lovely jewellery, and wow it looks like a lot of work has gone into every piece x

  3. I love the dalmatian twist!Beautiful colours!

  4. I love the dalmation nugget necklace (because I love dalmation jasper - but was it painful to work the chips?

  5. you must have loads of patience the red one looks so complicated its beautiful thanks for taking the time to look at my blog look forward to seeing you at handmade monday next week xxx

  6. Thanks everybody.
    I think the Dalmation Nugget Twist is my favourite as well. Its quite sparkly with the metallic grey bugles.

    Polly: The chips weren't painful but it was quite fiddly and my needle was well and truly crumpled at the end of it!

    The red earrings were complicated, but I think that's because I was new to working with brick stitch. Today I've rattled a patterned pair of earrings off and a pendant. So its true, 'practice makes perfect'.

  7. Ooo my, I would get in a strop with myself if trying to do anything this detailed. Well done you x

  8. Gorgeous Dalmatian set!!!! I also love the red leaves, those are hot!

  9. Nici, thanks but looking at your work (Goblin Dreams) I think you show amazing patience producing such beautiful pieces.

    Kathy, lovely comments thanks - great to see you developing your silver jewellery, enjoy following your blog.

  10. Love the dalmatian nugget twist. Am a new follower

  11. Hi Claire,
    Thanks! Welcome to my blog, great to hear you've become a follower.

  12. Hey there, Looks like you have been a busy beader lately. Love all your stuff. Your Dalmation Nugget Twist is truely a work of art. Your are becoming very creative in your beadwork. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.


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