Monday, 20 June 2011

She Sells Sea Shells by The Sea Shore (Post 46)

Going forward from my Beaded Flower last week, I've continued this week with another beaded project.  A short while ago I was fortunate to be holidaying in France ... beautiful country, rich in history.  I particularly love the many medieval 'walled' towns that they have.   One such place being, Concarneau.

I happened across a little gift shop, (tucked away in one of the alleyways), which had some cute seaside-type models.  I snapped them up, without a clue what I wanted them for; I just knew they would look 'different' whatever I chose to do with them.

Then last week, it was one of those 'eureka' moments ... and I knew exactly what I would do.  Choosing a pretty blue shell to experiment with.  

All will be revealed ... in a minute.  First though:

Today is Handmade Monday No. 21, don't forget to take a peek and see what everybody has been up to.  Wendy has some delightful plaques, which are just great!

Shell Shores

(c) Charters  Jewellery - Shell Shores
Voila!  Here it is: Shell Shores Brooch.

I attached the shell to a double layer of interfacing and embellished the shell with a few rows of back stitched beads; randomly selecting one of 3 shades of blue glass seed beads.  I then created loads of loops around and finished it off with bead 'stacks' to stand above the brooch.  Then added a suedette back and brooch pin.

I thought the ruggedness of the beads made it look like a shell lying on a beach with the 'foam of the waves' washing over it.  

Yes, I have quite a vivid imagination!

I'm excited to say I have a few more different shaped models left ... starfish, turtle, shell ... so, you may well see some more sea-side type brooches, (called Pins, I believe in The States?).

I'm still working on my nuggety necklace, the bulk of it has been created, now its the finishing touches. 

In the meantime, 'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. Wow, it's really different - inventive and unusual and gorgeous all in one. I love seaside inspired things and blue is my favourite colour so it's right up my street! x

  2. Thanks Wendy for your lovely comment, I was brought up by the sea, so like you it also inspires me. Very calming, and peaceful as well.

  3. The colour is beautiful. I love the picture of the busy walled street in France, The type of place that would suit me. I know what you mean by that eureka moment, it's such fun when it happens.

    Jan x

  4. I love the blues-they look brilliant against the shell!

  5. Thanks Jan, Monica ... I thought the tones of blue would go well together. Could have spent ages around the walled city ... but, maybe next time I can linger a little longer.

  6. The brooch is beautiful love the colours of the white shell against the ocean beads.

  7. You've made a fab brooch, I love the way you have extended the shell with your beading

  8. Thanks Carol, Ros
    I was pleased as this was a couple of new stitches for me.


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