Monday, 20 June 2011

She Sells Sea Shells by The Sea Shore (Post 46)

Going forward from my Beaded Flower last week, I've continued this week with another beaded project.  A short while ago I was fortunate to be holidaying in France ... beautiful country, rich in history.  I particularly love the many medieval 'walled' towns that they have.   One such place being, Concarneau.

I happened across a little gift shop, (tucked away in one of the alleyways), which had some cute seaside-type models.  I snapped them up, without a clue what I wanted them for; I just knew they would look 'different' whatever I chose to do with them.

Then last week, it was one of those 'eureka' moments ... and I knew exactly what I would do.  Choosing a pretty blue shell to experiment with.  

All will be revealed ... in a minute.  First though:

Today is Handmade Monday No. 21, don't forget to take a peek and see what everybody has been up to.  Wendy has some delightful plaques, which are just great!

Shell Shores

(c) Charters  Jewellery - Shell Shores
Voila!  Here it is: Shell Shores Brooch.

I attached the shell to a double layer of interfacing and embellished the shell with a few rows of back stitched beads; randomly selecting one of 3 shades of blue glass seed beads.  I then created loads of loops around and finished it off with bead 'stacks' to stand above the brooch.  Then added a suedette back and brooch pin.

I thought the ruggedness of the beads made it look like a shell lying on a beach with the 'foam of the waves' washing over it.  

Yes, I have quite a vivid imagination!

I'm excited to say I have a few more different shaped models left ... starfish, turtle, shell ... so, you may well see some more sea-side type brooches, (called Pins, I believe in The States?).

I'm still working on my nuggety necklace, the bulk of it has been created, now its the finishing touches. 

In the meantime, 'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'


Monday, 13 June 2011

Bead by Bead (Post 45)

A busy week, getting to grips with new beading techniques.  Still doing the nuggetty necklace and an interesting beaded brooch.  But, I digress ...
Finally gathered together everything needed for another tutorial by the Designer Liz Reed of The Crimson Moon.  In fact, I'm proud to say that this is actually my first bead embroidery -as it involves stitching to fabric.

Thanks Liz ... love your tutorials!
Liz's tutorials are in her Etsy Store, I bought this some time ago, with an idea of what I wanted to do. 

The great thing about Liz's tutorials are that they are excellent for giving a 'grounding' in techniques, which you can then build on to create your own designs.  From this tutorial alone I now know how to use brick stitch to create petals, how to work beading onto fabric, do embroidery backstitch and so much more. 

This tutorial is based on you using your own cabachon - or bead or button: the choice is yours.  I love the goddess that's pictured here.  As yet, my polymer skills do not lend themselves to produce such beauties.  I had other ideas ...

Have You Guessed Yet?

This glass bead and the little beads with it reminds me of the sun.  So I thought that as I didn't have a 'goddess' to use that I would create a lovely bright sun with rays dancing out of the edges.  (OK, that was the idea, anyway).

Oops, did the tutorials really say use an 18 mm cabachone?  Well ... its a little larger at 35+ mm.  Did I ever tell you my sense of measurement is poor.  Me, I still think in feet and inches!!

Not to be put off, I thought - the technique is the same, just means I 'll use a few more beads etc.

Not to be deterred, now I'd got this far I ploughed on.  The only setback being 'my being left-handed'.  It wasn't really a problem, and I soon settled in.  It was quite therapeutic.

Sunshine or Sunflower?

I haven't decided yet, whether this will be a brooch or maybe a 'quite mad' necklace.  I'm really pleased with the results though.

I've started another project incorporating some of these techniques, but have another stitch which I think will look fab - a sort of loopy type stitch.  Maybe next time?

Hello and Welcome to: Karen of Kazies Magical Designs

Kazie has some beautiful encaustic art and other 'one of a kind' items; and joins my other virtual friends in producing some amazing work.  Take a peek for yourselves.

And finally, its  Handmade Monday No. 20 today.  Pop over and see what everybody has been up to.

Got 'beading' to catch up with, so until next time ...

'Keep Watching - and, I'll Keep Blogging'


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bangle Revisited (Post 44)

Well, all my good intentions of posting in time for Handmade Monday No 19 ... just a little too late though.  But that doesn't mean to say you should be.  Always worth a visit to catch up with everybody elses week's endeavours!  In fact, I'll be popping over there very shortly myself.

Bangle Revisited
Remember last week, just finishing this bangle (well an identical one!!), when the beads scattered to all corners of the earth, leaving me 'speechless'.  

So, here it is, restored.  In fact, reinvented but this time using a very strong illusion thread.  Surprisingly this also gave it more elasticity; allowing it to slip on to the wrist ever so easily.

I still have plans to make a necklace with this technique and spotted some delightful bugle beads which I couldn't resist getting.  Not sure whether they'll work - once home they seemed a lot shorter than these red bugles?  We'll see how it pans out ....

I must say how pleased I am that Ros has joined us:

Hello and Welcome To:
  • Ros Made Me
    Ros claims to be an 'all-round crafter', who will try anything from needlework, quilting, applique, knitting and a 101 other crafts as the mood takes.  Now if you pay her a visit you will see that she is certainly multi-talented and in particular I find her knitting in outstanding.  I love browsing around her blog and Ros also excels with some great tutorials.
What Next? 
I'm working on a necklace which I've designed, incorporating the 'russian spiral'  and the 'spiral chain' technique.  I was tempted to stop when it reached bracelet length but I think as a necklace it will really be a statement piece.  This time the focus is on Dalmation Jasper semi-precious nuggets: so cute!

Had it not been for the temptations of the sun it would have been completed; that and a couple of rethreads!!!  Yes, my design went a bit off schedule and had to be put in its place again.  So, there we have it.

'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'