Wednesday, 20 April 2011

REVISED .... Pay It Forward 2011 (Post 40)


The other day I was visiting one of my regular blogs Debbie's blog spot - abracadebradesigns that I follow, and came across Paying It Forward 2011.  I had heard of this before, and decided to join in.  Ooh, I'm looking forward to receiving my gift from Debbie. 

In the meantime, I'm giving 'YOU' the opportunity to join in with all those other wonderful artists who are participating in this lovely thoughtful event.

The 1st person that comments on this post and clearly indicate that they wish to take part will receive from me a little handmade gift. Remember though ...

In return you must blog about Paying It Forward and send a handmade gift to the 1st person who comments on your post.  You can grab my piccy and post it with your blog if you want to - your choice.

The gift you Pay Forward doesn't have to be jewellery, anything handmade would be just perfect!  There is no rush ... the gift should be sent before the end of 2011.

I think its lovely to share your talents and in doing so, brighten up others' days.  Hark at me, 'Miss Pollyanna' ... but if you want to take part, leave a comment and your blog contact and I'll be in touch with you very shortly.

(Although, I'm not around much over the next week or so).  

Let's brighten everybody's day ... be one of those 'people paying forward', you know its good for the soul!


'Keep Watching And I'll Keep Blogging' 


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lazy Days, lots of Fun .... (Post 39)

'Tambourine Treat'
Light evenings, longer warm days ... you've guessed it, less 'me' time - or is that more 'me' time but less 'you' time?

This week I've been looking through old Bead and Button magazines and revived my interest in beadweaving.  

It was only after I'd made up the crystal pendant that it struck me how much it looked like a tambourine!  Albeit a very small one ...

The piece is worked in two halfs, woven in segments which gently allow a 6 mm crystal to snuggle into place.

'Tambourine Treat'
A jump ring was attached and I handstitched a woven thread with matching glass seed beads to give a little weight to it; finishing off with a coiled cord ending and trigger clasp.

Aside from 'Tambourine Treat' I revisited Liz Reed's Fairground Attraction tutorial with some very pleasing results.

Fairground Attraction
Designed by Liz Reed of Crimson Moon
Take 2 ...
Following my initial interpretation of Liz's design I felt that I needed to review my steps ....

Not once, mind but twice.  As suddenly, the pattern fell into place.

Voila ... here it is: My 'Fairground Attraction'
I became aware of where the beads should be placed - the right way round for a start!

I consciously separated the beads into their individual sizes, realising on my original interpretation that I had started with a centre bead that was just much too big.

Diligently stitching into each of the little bridges, transformed by the gentle repetitive steps, mesmerised by the glints of light twinkling so 'knowingly' until - finally ... I felt I could acknowledge the true interpretation of 'Fairground Attraction' and no longer hide behind a 'frilly' pendant ....

 'Fairground Attraction
It is of course, due to the excellent tutorial that I was able to analyse where changes were needed and have the confidence to try and try again!

My interpretation of  'Fairground Attraction'

I will be joining you again in the next day or so with an opportunity for you to take part in sharing your lovely work.  I had hoped to mention it earlier but once I get going ... time goes nowhere.

Ooh ... I missed Handmade Monday ... but you don't need to - go and take a peek now.

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'


Monday, 4 April 2011

Fairground Frills (Post 38)

Before we talk about anything, let me introduce my New Follower:

Mrs A. Who is an all-rounder, just loving all forms of crafting.  Nice to meet you.

Today is Handmade Monday No: 10 so don't forget to take a peek and see what everybody has been up to; or even take part.  Wendy would love to see you, and encourages everybody to leave their blog links.

Fairground Frills

Fairground Frills - based on (c) Fairground Attraction by Liz Reed
This week I thought I'd learn some beadweaving- and I have to admit it wasn't as easy as I had first thought!

Before Christmas I bought some great tutorials from Liz Reed of Crimson Moon and I finally got around to picking them up.

This pendant/or brooch is based on Brick Stitch.  Liz's tutorials are very detailed, with clear photo shots at each stage.

Yet, I still managed to go astray!

So, hand on heart, I can not give this pendant its true name, of 'Fairground Attraction' and instead have called it 'Fairground Frills' - because of adding too many beads, it has given it a very frilly edge.

Fairground Frills - based on (c) Fairground Attraction by Liz Reed

Not only did I add too many beads, I actually stitched them the wrong way round.  

I do like the result, but will need to make another one so that I can perfect the technique. 

I'm keeping this one to use as a 'benchmark' against future attempts.

I wonder if being left-handed played a part?

I think its important to acknowledge your mistakes and learn by them.  That's the only way that you can learn.  After all, practice makes perfect!

Those pesky little beads have certainly kept me busy this week.  I had hoped to have some poly clay lovelies ... but it just wasn't to be.

Next week, my aim is to do another pendant - this time correctly!  Plus, I would like to do some more poly clay goodies.

In the meantime, why not pop across to Handmade Monday and catch up on the week.

You may also like to visit Liz Reed at Crimson Moon - there's plenty to see and lots of links to interesting places. 

'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'


Friday, 1 April 2011

Work in Progress (Post 37)

Almost Reached 1st Target 

Since joining Handmade Monday I seem to have a lot more visitors, and also finding it interesting seeing the variety of artists and their amazing work.

This week I also have 2 new lovely followers:
  1. Rachel, a talented lady, who has a wide range of crafting skills - take a look at her blog and see for yourself; I'll guarantee you will see some beautiful work.
  1. Jan, a lovely artist, whose favourite pastime is painting, although if you visit her blog you will see a much wider range of eye-catching candy!
So, now my virtual friends are almost at that magical number of 50.  An amount I must admit I thought I could never attract.  And, a bit like Christmas, it seemed so far away that I made a rash promise of a 'giveaway' should I ever reach the dizzy heights of 50 Followers.

I've got a feeling another Handmade Monday may well encourage a few more visits and amongst those passing by its quite possible that I will achieve my 1st target.  (Who would have thought it).  I'm now already trying to figure out how on earth to do a 'giveaway' and WHAT will it be?  Mmm .... pause for thought.

In the meanwhile, this week I've been teaching myself a new beadweaving technique and I have to admit, I've had a wide range of emotions.  From WONDER, that it actually looks like anything, to - wanting to THROW IT OUT OF THE WINDOW and deny I ever tried!!!

But for those who do know me, also know that I'm not the type to give up at the first hurdle.  So ... I will persevere, and the beads you see will actually resemble some form of jewellery by Monday!  Because, I intend taking part in Hand Made Monday again this week.

Over the weekend, I also plan on doing some poly clay work ... depending on what time I can sneek ... I know my other half has 'other plans', so time as such may not be my own.

So, if your passing through, please stop and ponder, become one of my lovely followers and who knows, next week I could be saying 'Its a giveaway'!!!

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'