Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lazy Days, lots of Fun .... (Post 39)

'Tambourine Treat'
Light evenings, longer warm days ... you've guessed it, less 'me' time - or is that more 'me' time but less 'you' time?

This week I've been looking through old Bead and Button magazines and revived my interest in beadweaving.  

It was only after I'd made up the crystal pendant that it struck me how much it looked like a tambourine!  Albeit a very small one ...

The piece is worked in two halfs, woven in segments which gently allow a 6 mm crystal to snuggle into place.

'Tambourine Treat'
A jump ring was attached and I handstitched a woven thread with matching glass seed beads to give a little weight to it; finishing off with a coiled cord ending and trigger clasp.

Aside from 'Tambourine Treat' I revisited Liz Reed's Fairground Attraction tutorial with some very pleasing results.

Fairground Attraction
Designed by Liz Reed of Crimson Moon
Take 2 ...
Following my initial interpretation of Liz's design I felt that I needed to review my steps ....

Not once, mind but twice.  As suddenly, the pattern fell into place.

Voila ... here it is: My 'Fairground Attraction'
I became aware of where the beads should be placed - the right way round for a start!

I consciously separated the beads into their individual sizes, realising on my original interpretation that I had started with a centre bead that was just much too big.

Diligently stitching into each of the little bridges, transformed by the gentle repetitive steps, mesmerised by the glints of light twinkling so 'knowingly' until - finally ... I felt I could acknowledge the true interpretation of 'Fairground Attraction' and no longer hide behind a 'frilly' pendant ....

 'Fairground Attraction
It is of course, due to the excellent tutorial that I was able to analyse where changes were needed and have the confidence to try and try again!

My interpretation of  'Fairground Attraction'

I will be joining you again in the next day or so with an opportunity for you to take part in sharing your lovely work.  I had hoped to mention it earlier but once I get going ... time goes nowhere.

Ooh ... I missed Handmade Monday ... but you don't need to - go and take a peek now.

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. Very impressed with your Fairground Attraction - lovely beadwork. Nancy

  2. Your fairground attraction is really pretty and well worth the time spent getting it just right.
    Love the colours your have put together to make it .
    Hugs Valery Anne.

  3. Very pretty tambourine! Would look great with a sun dress!

    I'm so glad you created more Fairgrounds, they are so beautiful and remind me of fruit slices, so round and colorful! Great post!

  4. WOW those fairground attractions are beautiful, love your colour selection xx


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