Monday, 14 November 2011

Frilly As A Girl - PART ONE (Post 50)

There are two things that are 'typical' to girls: screaming - that is shrieking with laughter, and in the majority - the love of frills. That's what comes to mind to me. Then of course those girls grow up, but don't necessarily change. Take for instance, being pushed down a kiddies slide in a swimming pool! Yes, I shrieked ... quite loudly. Secondly, looking for that special dress - OK, doesn't have to be frilly as such but sparkly surely? A little 'bling'.

The minute I saw the end product of my red/white bracelet immediately I thought, 'frilly as a girl'.  It sounds like I had only just looked at it - in honesty, I suppose that's true?  Because, aside from knowing the beads I was going to use I wasn't sure what the end result would be. Suitably satisfied, I then produced the purply-black-blue-greeny one!

The pattern is just an 8-bead design, repeated.  Thread a bugle, then 3 seed.  Go back through the bugle and pull tightly, which gives that cute picot frilled edge.  Repeat ... this, what I call top and bottom frill to make the design.  Simples!  Repeat until its as long as you want.  I did a basic loop/clasp finish because it blends in so well.

There we have it ...
I'm not keen on 'long' Posts, (the blogging sort, of course).  So, I'm going to surprise you by making this a double post - I know like buses!  No news in ages then suddenly in the space of a week or so you end up with FIVE ...

Before I go though, I'd like to say 'Hi' to Jill Spain, my latest blog friend. Her blog is really interesting, don't you think - very 'newsy' and friendly.  Jill's expertise lies in Card Craft, running a Greetings Cards Business and regularly attends Events where you'll find all the efforts of her hard work.

* From Wendy's Biography 1st Unique Gifts,
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Have you remembered?  Today is Wendy's Handmade Monday No. 42, why don't you pop over and have a look what everybody's been up to - I love catching up with everybody.  Wendy has had an exciting week, with a newly arrived Granddaughter and has even posted a picture of her.  

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'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging



  1. Frilly is definitely the right word for these lovely bracelets. As for 'threading your bugle' well now that has got me a little foxed

  2. Charters... love the bracelets... think I may have to share these on Pinterest :)

  3. Your bracelets look very intricate. I love your description of the purply-black-blue-greeny one!

    Jan x

  4. I'm definitely not a frilly girl, but the bracelets are lovely :) i especially like the pink and white one, but dont tell anyone cos i dont do pink lol

  5. Red Needle, your comments had me chuckling - imagine threading a bugle instrument ... ahem, Seed Beads (aka rocaille beads) and Bugle Beads were used to make the bracelets.

    Ros Made Me, thanks - another media to look into!

    Picto, yes - I have a way with words! These are a type of galvanised bead which seem to change colour according to the angle you look at them. A little dark perhaps but with the lavender colour bugle beads they seemed to blend quite well.

    Caroline N, Thankyou

    Helen, your secrets safe with me ... oh, what am I saying, 1000s of people read my blog of course! (I wish ...).

    Thanks everybody x

  6. Simply 'frilling' tee hee! love them x

  7. The bracelets are very pretty. Very different (in a good way!!) They look very sophisticated. Oh, and love the photo ;)

  8. Don't like frills generally, but these are just lovely. Was looking through your blog and I see you are yet another 'mature' person who is twittering and facebooking! Am thinking I'm gonna have to do this, aren't I? Yikes!

  9. 'Frilly as a Girl' is such a good simile, and describes your lovely bracelets perfectly

  10. Very pretty, very girly! And I already met your friend (read her blog that is!). :)

  11. "frilly as a girl" - just lovely! Lovely beading, as usual, and it made me smile to see my rabbit admiring next-door's cat on your blog :-)

  12. Penny, Kate, Made-by-Ewe - nice comments, thanks!

    Catherine - you should give FB and Twitter a go. My Charters Creation Facebook page is new, although I've been on FB for a while. Twitter as I've said is very new to me. Still hoping for hints and tips on this.

    Susie - nice that you share the same thoughts, enjoy reading others blogs. Gives you inspiration I find.

    Wendy - Glad you liked your photo, I thought with all the pet loving bloggers out there, they were bound to visit you to see what else was on your website.

    Thanks Everybody ...


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