Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Frilly As A Girl - PART TWO (Post 51)

Not quite frills - but still 'girly'. 

Winter has approached quite quickly, don't believe all those stories that UK has the warmest November on record; it certainly doesn't feel like that to me!  I'll give you, its been dry, but its definitely scarf weather. 

The trouble with scarfs is, quite often, the length of them!  They can be quite bulky or you need to wrap them round, and round, and round ... you get the picture!  Like a Dr Who's scarf.

Aha, I came across the perfect solution.  A scarf which is short enough to wear without dragging you down and has an attractive-lacy look as well.

Sourcing the wool, with the internet is obviously not a problem unless ... like me, your impatient!  What wait a whole 2-3 days, my enthusiasm meant I just couldn't, NO, not even 24 hrs. The scarf takes alpaca wool, so not your day-to-day wool that some of the more popular shops sell.  Luckily for me, I live near a proper little haberdashery shop which is a quite a treasure trove.

Tucked away, was ... yes, you've guessed it ... just what I needed!  

I 'opted' for a warm Sage Green shade of wool and twinkly-clear buttons, which match perfectly with the coat I had in mind.

The stitch is one I'd not come across before and reminded me of an 'hour glass' or shaft of wheat.  Every few rows the pattern nipped in the stitches, emphasising the design.  The lacy-look is carried on into the main body of the scarf.

And there we have it ...

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'


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