Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Rings and Things (Post 12a)

Well, I thought I'd left superstitions behind when 'I grew up' - seemingly not.  I just found myself posting this as 12A, (what's all that about ...).

Poll has finished - not many entries, but it was a 50/50 split.  Half followers who responded make jewellery and half don't.  Maybe my blog will inspire you?  I hope so, its so inspiring to create something pretty and more importantly - something different!!

I'm really becoming inspired with wirework and decided to tackle making some rings.  Not easy without a ring mandrel.  In fact, I used a wooden peg thing ... which was not ideal, but I did manage to get some of the rings to fit.  OK, some only on my little finger.  (Note: put ring mandrel on my wish list, and ... a bangle mandrel).

Relaxing Weekend Making Rings
I found a great video on YouTube, which you should enjoy.  Ring Tutorial 

It was quite fiddly at first, then it all seemed to fall in place.  I practiced with cheap wire initially until I could fathom out what I was doing.  
1st Attempts - I actually love the Purple Twist one!
The Purple Twist ring above, was my own design and my 1st ring attempt - and what led me hastily to look for some tidy tutorials!  The silver ring was my next creation and the orange/copper one the next.  Fired with enthusiasm, I just whiled away the weekend perfecting the technique.  

Not surprisingly, I happened across a few more styles, later maybe - but first I must get a ring mandrel.
Maltesers ... anybody!
The Malteser ring was great because it had natural lines for the wire to follow.  Couldn't have planned it better!
Close up of Top Finishing

The rings are quite funky - they stand really proud and make a statement.  Personally, I love this style.

Stripes Ahoy ...
The Stripes Ahoy ring was made with craft wire and a beautiful David Christensen Cane Glass Bead.  The colours are very striking.

Copper Potlicious ...
I can't make up my mind which is my favourite - I think it is this one.  Its just delicious, the colour, the copper the shinyness ... (is there such a word?).

Birds Eye View ...
And ... there we have it a ream of rings.  Check out the YouTube tutorials, I'll be back looking and hope to make some more.

Which is your favourite - I'd love to know!  Here's a reminder of some of them...

Oh, by the way I've finally taken the plunge with polymer clay, tracked down the pasta machine I'll tell you all about my creations next time. 

Don't forget to let me know what your favourite ring is.  'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging' -



  1. Great rings June, hard to pick a favourite.
    I think stripes ahoy would be my choice. xx

  2. Thanks Sherryn, Good choice David Christenson cane beads are amazing, aren't they!

  3. The copper ring is stunning! I have wanted to make rings too but I dont have a ring mandrel either!You have done a great job on them:-)
    Looking forward to seeing your polymer clay creations ( I have just ordered more stuff from Emma )
    You have a fantastic talent for jewellery

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments Bedecked Beads. Copper ring is also my favourite. My polymer creations are just beginning. Aim to post some tonight!


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