Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Black and White? (Post 12)

I forgot to say that I've put a little survey at the side of the blog - perhaps you'd just take a quick look and vote.  I have a few followers, and was wondering how many of you do make your own jewellery.  Maybe your not a follower and just 'passing through' - that's great!  But ... 'Do you make your own jewellery'.  Hardly a survey, but if you could just take a 'click .... Thanks!

Don't worry, its not going anywhere, just personal interest.  I love flicking through blogs and do 'vote' different things.  Just nice to feel your part of the site - a virtual friend.

OK, bringing myself back on track now.  Black and white ... there's something about plain colours, they make a statement and although there is no 'leap out at you' colour it can still look great.  

White is 'simplicity', 'pure', 'clean'; Black is 'power', elegance, 'mystery' - the lightness and darkness.  They are opposites but do go well together in jewellery and can just make that 'perfect' touch to an outfit.

This set was made with white african pearls, chinese crystals, seed beads, with thai silver clasp and silver-plated bead caps and findings with a silver-plated wireworked pendant.  I made it as a gift for a very special person, for a special event; which was lovingly made and thankfully, well received ...

The clasp was larger than I would normally do for such a fine necklace, but its easier to do up ... a bespoke feature that was needed for this one.  Another thing which amuses me, I'm left-handed and used to make my necklaces that way.  Not so good as gifts though for 'right-handed' people.  I now try to remember to make 'right-handed' necklaces and the test is if I CAN'T put it on - then its obviously going to be ok for everybody else ... not that I'm the only 'leftie' in the world!

I then changed tactics and as the pearls were a gift to me from another very important person in my life - I made myself a White and Black necklace.  Quite a contrast ...

This was made with sterling silver heart clasp and heart charm, silver plated findings, seed beads, an african pearl drop with chinese crystal beads and silver plated beadcaps, and a wireworked heart.

Not my best photography ... as you can't see the beautiful white pearl encased with a very pretty beadcap, (but look at the other pictures above as its similar).

Its missing some earrings though!  What do you think, maybe some heart shape with a black crystal drop?

Well, I must be losing my technique, I've just been offered a lesson on 'photography' and the offer of my husband's Canon Camera ... too good to refuse - so you may see an improvement in future piccies!!

Which do you prefer the 'black/white set' or the 'white/black' necklace?  I'd love your comments.

And finally, don't forget to vote on my 'Do you make jewellery' question - you'll find it on the side bar (underneath the list of followers).  Thanks!

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging .. (next post will be about rings).


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