Monday, 9 August 2010

Bead Work (Post 6)

Before I go any further I would just like to say a BIG thank you for all my 'followers' - I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.  To those who 'pop in' now and again, to see if I've posted any updates - welcome to you as well.   I'd love it if you became a 'follower' as well.

I've finally started to work on my website, so have been concentrating on that this week.  It'll be a little while before its ready though. 

I have just completed a lovely wirework set, and hope to take some pics of it tomorrow, weather permitting.  I like the natural light for my photos.  This will be known as Champagne Maze ... keep watching!

Today, I'm going to post some of my beaded work which I created last year ... and is tucked away, waiting to be displayed.

Blackberry Season
So, this must have been last Autumn ...  I can tell you that beaded work like this is a 'work of art'.  It looks lovely to see the finished product, but I couldn't tell you how many hours it would have taken?  Quite a few.

It's made from nymo thread, size 15/0 glass seed beads in various colours and a VERY fine beading needle.  The clasp is thai silver.  It really does remind me of  blackberries.

I probably thought about this as around us there are the beginnings of ripe blackberries, which will soon need picking for those lovely pies!

Winter Whispers

I'm very proud of this set, as I designed it myself, based on the 'coral' stitch - I believe. 

Its using those pesky little 15/0 glass beads again, intermingled with green crystals.

I think these alone took me a couple of hours, but I am a methodical worker!

They are a very rich colour and complement each other well.  Certainly a stitch I'll experiment more with.

Now, you can guess at how long the necklace took!  Mind you, one thing with beadwork like this, it can't be rushed and will not earn you millions either.  But ... it is very satisfying to make and you do settle into a rhythm with after a while. 

Great for weight watching as well, you daren't stop and eat because you might lose your momentum!  I would say for anybody looking to do this type of work, you must have plenty of time patience.  Oh, and ... good eye sight or strong glasses!  

There are plenty of magazines out there for inspiration. 
One of my favourites is Bead & Button (no not just about buttons - although it does mention vintage buttons etc).  It has some amazing patterns in there and projects and there's load I'd just love to do ... but that's another day.  As you probably see, I do like to vary my projects - so time is not something I have a lot of.

Have I mentioned Mookaite Jasper?  I don't think I have, but it is an absolutely beautiful gemstone.  I came across some in my magical mystery box of beads and will be creating 'something' with it over the next week.  What I don't know until I start ... I know, but that's me ... full of surprises, (even surprise myself most of the time).

Don't forget, Champagne Maze coming up soon ... hopefully in the next day or so.  Keep watching and I'll keep blogging!



  1. These are lovely. looking forward to your new designs. xx

  2. Gorgeous as always, the Winter Whispers set is mind blowing! I thought I had loads of patience with my rice writing but thats nothing compared to what you have achieved.


  3. Thanks Sherryn - new blog will be posted later

    Mick, I'm sure I wouldn't have the patience to write on rice, but thanks for your lovely comments.

  4. Very pretty especially liked Blackberry Season!

  5. Fabulous pieces, the bracelet looks good enough to eat. reminds me so much of going brambling as a child.

  6. Aha, looks like you both enjoy blackberries. Thank you for taking the time to look.


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