Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Champagne Maze (Post 7)

My latest creation, Champagne Maze - came about as I wanted something a little 'blingy'  (not really keen on lots of bling) but just something that stood out a little.  The wire used in this project is 'champagne' coloured and goes so well with the purple crystal beads.

Chinese cut crystal is a more affordable fashionable crystal than Swarovski and has some very distinct colours which just sparkle.  This does make it difficult to photograph to show just how pretty they are; but hopefully you'll see the effect I have achieved.

Wirework, has quite a delicate look - which is why I chose this particular technique.  Due to its flexibility, wirework is always unique - or mine is! 

There are different types of wire, round half-round, twisted, square, are the one's that I'm aware of.  Each one would give a different look  Do you feel inspired to give it a go yet?

I found when I was working on this, that I was already contemplating further designs, so that shows you how relaxing jewellery making can be!
Although I've pictured the earrings first, I usually do these last, as its easy to change your mind and 'invent' something else to match the length or style of the finished necklace.

I like to have a look at different blogs myself and I'm always surprised how much you can learn over the internet.   If your new to Jewellery making I'd suggest you also look at blogs, become 'followers' so you can keep track of new ideas.  Join Forums, check out bead shops who sell online, quite often they have tutorials.  Also, look on YouTube.  

Please do not copy designers work, their projects are results of hardwork and it is disrespectful to the artist.  Its all about technique, that's the key.  Try out different techniques, you'll create your own style after a while. There are lots of magazines that also lead you through techniques and feed you with ideas.

Keep watching - and, I'll keep blogging!


  1. very striking, a beautiful set. You must be so patient x

  2. Louise, MayJay thank you for your lovely comments. I do have a lot of patience, (with jewellery anyway).


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