Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Yippee! New Followers ... (Post 14)

Thanks everybody - I now have 22 followers and I've decided that when my followers reach a total of 50 I will celebrate by running my first 'give away'.   

I've added a link on the righthandside of the blog, for you to Share The News of my blog with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  

Ahem ... not sure what that means, but its got to be good - right?  

If anybody wants to explain that in more detail to me, perhaps you'd like to post a comment.  Thanks!  

Hopefully by promoting the Facebook/Twitter link more people will sign up and follow me?  

Two New Followers
I'd like to welcome TripleMoonStar, an amazing talented jewellerymaker - not only does she make beautiful silver and beaded jewellery, she also makes her own lampwork beads.  Reading her blog, she has only recently achieved this, which to be honest is remarkable!  Well done TripleMoonStar, your an inspiration for sure ...
Next a very big welcome to CarolineACleary, a good friend with a great personality, and an open and honest outlook on life.  Thanks Caroline, hope you enjoy the blogs!  Blogging is new to Caroline, but I believe you will soon get bitten by the bug and it wouldn't at all surprise me to see your own blog up and running over the coming months ...

Ok, I did have some comments on my Ring blog, for which I'm grateful.  Divided views, some of you liked the Copper ring, (me too!!) and two others went for the Ships Ahoy.  Thanks to Lalitha who sent me nice comments on this ring - unfortunately I have not posted it due to the 'spam' elementWhilst I love your feedback folks, I would ask that you don't try and push 'hidden links' to advertising.

I'm doing my best to keep my blog ad-free ... please do the same - many thanks!

About to launch into my Polymer Clay post ... coming up next - honest!


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