Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Found ... Polymer Clay Part 2 (Post 16)

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As promised, Part 2 of Found ... Polymer Clay


This is a beautiful pendant that was created using three quite thick layers of polymer clay, with a craft metal wirework twist - embedded into the polymer after I had built the layers.  An additional swirl of purple craft wire adorns the top layer.  

To take away the obvious gleam of the purple, I very gently, kissed the surface with an emery file.  This led to the pendant showing hints of copper, which I particularly liked.

I thought due to the varying colours, which unfortunately my photos don't show!  (Memo to self: must take side view shots!).  I would make a necklace of purple, green and yellow beads to complement the pendant.  

The 3 strands were twisted around each other and the pendant added.

One thing which I have failed to say, not intentionally, may I add ... is that in Part 1 I talked you through conditioning and making the pieces but didn't say that after they are baked you do need to sand the finished product.  I used wet/dry paper, grades 600, 1200, 200

I just gently circled the piece with a damp sandpaper until it felt smooth to the touch.  It is a pain ... but also quite therapeutic and it is these finishing touches which will give your pieces that finishing edge to them.  Making them stand apart as works of art!  So ... no shortcuts, or you'll be sorry!

I chose to polish them also with a smidging of beeswax, (memo to self: must by some renaissance wax!). You only need enough to give it a soft sheen.  

Why Aztec?  Well, I think it reminded me of the chocolate Aztec bars in the '70s, (I know a lot of you may not have even been around then, I'll tell you, you missed a yummy bar of delicious raisin and biscuit and mallow covered in cadbury's chocolate - mmmmmm).  The wrapper was purple and this just brought back the lazy hazy days of the '70s!

Still to come ... 'Opal Fruits' and 'Apache Awakening

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  1. Wow, That is really creative and gorgeous, too. Love the pairing of green and purple.

  2. Thanks Debbie, nice to know I'm not the only one to like unusual mixes of colours. I like to experiment and just go with my mood of the time.


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