Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Got to Pick a Poppy or Two (Post 66)

I was very fortunate in receiving a great Beading Software Application for Christmas, Bead Tool4  it looks pretty impressive.  It is a tool used by Jewellery Designers to assist in the designing of bead weaving graphs; covering a variety of popular stitches including variations of: peyote, tubular peyote, brick stitch, loom, RAW (right angle weave). It has the colour charts for all Delica, Rocailles, Pony, Tokyo Aika and Treasures; you can make up your own palettes of your stock and then ... then ... it works out exactly how many beads you need!  How remarkable is that!!! Amazing, I'd say.  Updated on a regular basis and you have direct contact with the developer if you want to. It was recommended to me originally by Donna Saunders, owner of Delicate Sparkles.  I now know a few designers who just couldn't be without it.  You can treat yourself to a free trial as well - you won't be able to save or print it out but it will certainly give you a flavour of what it CAN do.  One for your 'wish list'.

As a recent convert to Peyote I knew this would be great for any future designs - and, of course ... as you know I do love my gadgets!

Donna knew how keen I was to create my own Cuff Bracelets and pointed me to her tutorial which takes gives you the bracelet pattern and shows you how to add the bracelet to a Cuff blank.  

Poppy Cuff
A 'Donna Sanders' Design
Having only done 'Even Peyote' to date I now had to do 'Odd Count Peyote', very similar except for the 'odd' rows.  With Donna's help, that of friends on OTTBS and various tutorials, (gosh don't I sound particularly thick!!) ... ahem.  I soon conquered the awkward turn.

This Cuff is a 3/4 inch cuff ... recommended would be 1/2 inch.  So as you can see there is a border either side.  To my mind, this is still a WIP (work in progress) and I have it in my mind to bead a decorative edge ... eventually!  Although some people do actually like it like this.  What do you prefer?

WELCOME TO ... Rebecca Dean

Rebecca has a variety of Jewellery and other Craft articles that she showcases on Etsy, along with some great tutorials ... I seem to be getting obsessed with tutorials, but honestly its such a great way to enhance your knowledge.  Rebecca has recently found Bead Embroidery, so follow her journey on her blog - interesting reading!

A 'Jencel UK' Design
Remember my weekend jaunt a few weeks back ... well, I bought a sweet little kit, which I sort of got persuaded into buying, (not that it took much - Carole and Dee!). Thanks to Celia of Jencel UK who was very helpful as I opted for a 2nd colour choice. NO not awkward - I prefer different thank you.

Stitch for flower buds was Peyote ... yay, first time I've done peyote that is not just in rows!  The necklace itself is a Brick Stitch.  A nice tutorial which makes up quite quickly.  Everything is included in the kit so you can just pick it up and Bead!

What's that I hear you say ... no I haven't done Week 7 Earrings yet!  That's next on the agenda - well, if I didn't keep getting side-tracked, then there's the February Challenge and of course another lovely tutorial from a beady friend ... 

So, I'll close here and remember:

'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'


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