Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Thrills and Spills - Part Two (Post 65)

OK, its been a few days - life takes over sometimes!  Update on 'the camera' ... as thought, its going to cost one heck of a lot of beads (grrrrr ....).  It'll certainly make me very wary of using it.  Currently I have quite an old Canon 'point and shoot', which used to be quite good but is not as sharp or as colour bright as it used to be.  Maybe I will be able to use the OHs if I don't touch the card reader??  We'll see  ...

An Award
The other week I was so pleased to receive an award from the very lovely Jay who I met 'online' a few years ago - awarded to me as one of her favourite bloggers.  Even though you visit people from time to time when you actually get mentioned its quite a thrill.  Jay introduced me to the art of making ATCs - that's Artist Trading Cards and I'll always be thankful for her kindness towards me, as I was such a 'newbie' to online forums, and crafts in general. I'm quite the proud owner of a number of traded ATCs ... although I admit to none of late.  They are literally little pieces of work of arts; fun to make and passed to other Artists whose work you admire as a way of socialising and being recognised I suppose - some people sell them as 'art'.

Week 6 Earrings
Think bling think Week 6 result, a nice little tutorial which can be done in one one evening - if time is an issue for you. 
Made with tiny seed beads and crystal bacons.  The pattern is a type of netting stitch.  Although in French the diagrams are self-explanatory.

As is quite often the case I used alternative beads than those in the pattern.  My centre bead was a little larger than the tutorial which affected the outside causing me to use more crystals to cover the larger bead - this also meant that the final earring 'ruffled' gently.  Not unpleasant - one I'm sure I'll recreate.  

Still on target - not sure what I'll do for this weeks?  Yet ...

Welcome To ...

Jet a friend from OTTBS, who blogs about her adventures with beads - along with Neo her cat.  Her bead weaving is brilliant, very vibrant, very inspiring and a very honest approach to some frustrating times that bead weave creates at times!

Time clocks on - but I've yet to tell you about my latest project Poppy Cuff.  Not to worry that can wait until another day.  Catch up again soon!

'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. Your earings are gorgeous. such delicate work. hope all is well with you xx

  2. Very cute earrings. I love that site. So much ymmuy inspirations and many fab free patterns too. Can't go wrong...well apart from the fact I only have schoolgirl French and its VERY rusty. Google translate is my friend somethimes ;o)

  3. Hi Sherryn, all well here have emailed you ... me that's the slow coach this time!

    Charis, thanks for the visit - and lovely comments. Earrings are quite sparkly, much more than the picture shows.

    Gem, where would we be without Google translate ... I only went by the pictures on these though - probably why they look different LOL ...

  4. oh my gosh, i'm late to the party here, but thank you so much for the mention! :3 <3


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