Friday, 10 February 2012

Thrills and Spills - Part One (Post 64)

February got off to a great start when this arrived in the post!

I occasionally take part in Blog comps, never expecting to win but enjoying the interaction with the authors.  This time though ... I was one of the lucky winners, but didn't want to believe it until I could see for myself!

The blog I refer to belongs to Gemma who is like so many of my friends 'multi-talented' and showcases her work whilst also giving an insight to her many crafts.

Are you intrigued yet ... do you want me to 'open the box'?

Here we have it ... a beautiful sea blue/green, pearlised pair of earrings.  The picture can not do it justice (actually that's another story ... keep reading).

The earrings are resin with iridescent hearts inside and sterling silver ear wires .... ooh, so cute!! The winner had the choice of one of three pairs, but these were the one's that just called out to me.  

The added pleasure was the sweet little presentation box and personalised card, all handmade by Gemma.  Its these finishing touches that added to the experiences. Thank you so much Gemma x

Canon - Can Not!
Without prejudice ... is that the phrase I'm looking for?  The camera in question: Canon 50D, my husband's not mine - has been known to be used in probably what you will have noticed as the 'better' pictures on my site.  It is always with fear and intrepidation that I 'borrow' it.  Always afraid that I may damage it.  Well .....

That fateful day has arisen, and, since my last blog post my OHs camera has taken a turn for the worse.  Was it me ... I'm reliably informed by the very nice man in the Camera shop that the 'actual' cause will never be known for sure!   Whew, so maybe, just maybe it wasn't me?  I admit no responsibility, whilst strongly suspecting it 'might' have been me.  The camera has a Flashcard which connects inside the body of the camera.  The camera no longer 'reads' the card and closer inspection - we're talking gigantic lenses WITH lights, (the works!!) has detected that the pins inside the camera have been severely damaged.  By that I mean 'expensively' damaged. Resulting in a new Card Reader having to be fitted. Given my OHs undevoted attention to it, in all honesty it is extremely UNLIKELY to be caused by him.   Needless to say, I will probably receive a life's ban on using it on its return!

Moving on .... 

Welcome to my latest Blog Friend .... sunb1
A follower who shares an interest in Crafts of various types.  Always nice to meet new people - welcome to my blog!

Here I will close and hope to post Part 2 later tonight.

'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. Bit behind on my blog reading! I'm blushing reading this loveliness! Glad you like your earrings :o)
    Booo about the camera though. Big hugs


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