Friday, 2 March 2012

Doors of Technology (Post 67)

The last three months have been a whirlwind of learning.  Just when I think I've caught up with technology, whoosh .... there it goes again, whizzing past me!!  Then my competitive streak races to catch up again! I've gone from a blog to having a Facebook Page, to Twitter and now I have been introduced to the concept of Etsy Treasuries - My 1st Entry.

Etsy Treasuries are another way of showcasing interesting and inspiring art forms; art being in the eye of the beholder.  Yet, they are more than that, they are also a form of socialising of glimpsing the world through others' insights.  They inspire me, set my own thoughts into a fresh way of thinking, nudging new neural pathways to form ... oh, how I simply love technology!

Additional Note: 
Due to media concern over copyright issues on Pinterest I no longer use it.  I hope Pinterest will resolve these issues shortly, as in my opinion it has good potential.  It is just not worth 'unwittingly' infringing copyright laws.

February Challenge
Three Toned Netted Purse
An Enid Taylor Design
This months theme for OTTBS Challenge is something blue and green with an option of adding circles.  I chose to make a beaded purse ... not sure if it meets the 'added twist' - you could say very loosely the pattern has circles? 

The stitch for this is a 5-bead netted weave and has quite a delicate look to it.  Initially I had intended making a peyote stitch purse but didn't have the right beads - that's getting to be a regular story!  

The design is by Enid Taylor, author of 'Decorative Beaded Purses'.  A book that I was 'gifted' by Maureen, a lovely OTTBS friend.  Thank you Maureen x.
I particularly love this book because it covers all the basic beading stitches enabling you to achieve a good 'grounding' of both stitches and techniques.  

I will definitely be making more of these little purses; although it will mean an update of my beading stash!

The top band is created with 'ladder stitch' and bugle beads; the netting woven beneath.  A clever 3-way colour scheme.  It is stitched flat then joined naturally 'in pattern' and the Chain added at the grand finale stage.

Week 7 Earrings and Week 8 to follow.  This week I'll also be getting familiar with flat peyote. triangular really ... that's the plan!  I won't elaborate, hopefully I will be able to surprise you - what am I talking about, surprise myself more like!

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'


  1. I'm not a twitterer or a pinner at the moment but I know what you mean, there are so many new things I just can't keep up.
    Love the purse, great colour.

    Jan x

  2. Thanks Jan, it is quite addictive, that should be me up-to-date for a few more months, technology wise!

  3. I can't keep up with it all either. I just want to bead. Can't wait to see your peyote, it's my favorite stitch.

  4. I am on Twitter but avoiding Pinterest cos I don't have enough time for it. That purse is fantastic, well done!

  5. Cat, Sarah - I empathise entirely, but if we don't embrace the technology then it'll leave us behind. I don't really have time for it either but needs must! Thanks for lovely comments, look forward to seeing you here again.


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