Monday, 26 July 2010

Serene Green (Post 4)

I've had a busy few days and actually started putting designs to paper.  Not my usual style, but I've had so many exciting ideas that I just don't want to forget them.  Its been quite revealing really, because some of the designs lead towards PMC, others to silver sheet.  Keep watching ...

With normal bead type work, as I've said before I tend to design as I go - which is also very interesting as it usually leads to something I could never have thought of at the outset.

The next design, off the cuff, came about because I had these beautiful mixed sized acrylic beads which I wanted to do something with.

Serene Green
Beautiful marbled acrylic beads with ribbon, thai silver beads threaded on tigertail wire, and, my favourite - Italian glass millefiori beads.

When I started looking at the beads, my first priority was to match them with green coloured millefiori.  Quite a feat, because I had a bag of mixed millefiori and it was 'touch and go' as to whether I could pull enough green beads together.  The idea of the italian beads is just to have a random selection.  Thankfully, I was able to set aside what was needed.

I tend to arrange these on a Bead Tray in the order that I will thread them; that way you can change your design - easier to do this at this stage!  I knew I didn't want these large bulky beads all the way around and wanted to break up the fullness.  Too many beads can kill a design!

I decided to introduce the thai beads, which I lead up to the collarbone.  (A little tip: keep reviewing the design by checking in the mirror that it is at the right level - you'll be thankful later).

So, I had now designed up to the collarbone and stopped at this point.

I didn't want the silver beads all the way around, (waste of beads partly, but may also be uncomfortable to wear), which is why at this point I introduced the ribbon.  Gorgeous organza ribbon!  In a wonderful shade of green which blended in so well.

It dawned on me that I hadn't decided on what length the necklace should be?  So, I thought maybe it would be nice to have it a 'flexible' length.  This necklace can be adjusted to the required length by sliding the smaller green bead up or down.  The ribbons float at the back and have little thai silver beads on the ends.  Perfect!

Next the bracelet and earrings, (of course), to match.  I know a lot of people would just thread the beads on elastic.  Although this does still look nice, I do like a bracelet with a clasp - not forgetting the extender chain!

Progress on Unakite Knitted Wire Bracelet
Its finished!!!  I haven't got around to photographing it yet, but I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with it - keep watching, it'll be here on the next blog!

Future Projects
I've got to say - who knows?  I haven't thought about it yet.  As you may have noticed by now, I like to do a variety of jewellery, depending on lots of things.  It may well be wirework, that's something that I do enjoy working with.

Strange Question - but Do YOU know the answer?
At the back of my wardrobe, I have 'hidden' a pasta machine - which is just perfect for my jewellery aspirations.  I was so excited the other day when one of the local stores had a 50% sale.  I just had to buy it.

Any guesses why?

In the meantime, keep watching and I'll keep blogging!



  1. This is a lovely set of jewellery and lately my fave colour :-)

  2. Thankyou Bedecked Beads, - it is quite a calming colour in a busy world ...


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