Thursday, 22 July 2010

Power of Orange (Post 3)

Today has been a good day - did you notice I have added a slideshow of some of my jewellery?  Yes, I was amazed as well ... (that it worked).  I shall be adding to it, as and when I have time.

For those of you who may have worried about the time stamp on my last blog, just to reassure you, it was totally not right.  I did not post the blog at the unearthly time it said I did.  In fact, I've found a sneaky button that will allow me to create in 'advance' and schedule it to publish at a future date - how cool is that!

Power of Orange
I didn't realise it, but Orange is becoming one of my favourite colours; its so lively and uplifting.  This 'Power to Orange' set is made from flowered glass beads, orange glass lined rocailles, little silver beads and silver plated flower type links and thai silver clasp on the bracelet and necklace.

 I have a tendency to make sets rather than individual earrings, or necklace or bracelet.  Although I think earrings and matching bracelet can give that relaxed, gentle look.  So, it is rare that I make just earrings on their own.  On the occasions that I haven't made a matching necklace, my friends have said, 'It needs a necklace'.  This set, does have a necklace ...

The necklace is a lovely long one, but I have added a clasp because it gives it more ways for it to be worn.  In the example below, I have looped it around 3 times, it very much depends on what clothes your wearing.  Wearing it shorter, perhaps shows off the richness of the colours and patterns?  Personal decision really. 

When I start making a piece of jewellery, quite often aside from the fact that I love the colours or the beads or the textures I'm not always aware of what design to apply.  I find it better to work like that, plus its a bonus when the piece is completed.  You have to like what you create, otherwise, what's the point! 

With this design, I wanted random placement of beads and not a standard pattern.  It works well because you could wear the necklace with the clasp at the front, and it would still look pretty. There really isn't a start or finish to it - not if you throw away the illusion that clasps are 'always' at the back of the neck.

Well before I go, I wanted to say - thanks for reading this far, (you did didn't you? or have you just been looking at the pictures!).  What I was going to say is, I doubt if I will publish everyday so why don't you become a 'follower' of my blog?  You can even click on the 'Subscribe to Post' link at the bottom of the page, on the lefhandside.  This way you will be notified when I update my blog.

Coming Soon
At the moment I'm designing a really lovely wirework bracelet.  Its a 'knitted' bracelet.  No, you haven't read that wrong - its knitted with wire.  I'm incorporating some lovely gemstones - they are Unakite.  Mmm, a mix of red/pink feldspar, white/grey quartz and epidote.  The gemstone is named after the Unaka mountains in the south eastern United States of America.  To me and you, its a really pretty pinkish/green gemstone.  I'll tell you more about its spiritual properties when you can actually see it.

Keep reading, and I'll keep blogging   .... Charters

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