Monday, 30 April 2012

Playing Catch Up ... (Post 73)

As the week goes, its been a good one!  Not much beading, but I do have some recent makes to show you.  The Earring Challenge .... 52 pairs in 52 weeks ... is tripping me up, and I don't think I hold the record for being the 'last' person to catch up, but it wouldn't surprise me if I'm close to it.

Today, I have four pairs of earrings to 'show and tell'.  I'm not sure now what order I've beaded them?  That doesn't matter though.

Please be aware that any tutorials I use, I always give credit to the original designer, where known, and I would ask that you respect their work and do the same whenever you use others' tutorials.  Also, many designers will publish guidelines as to whether you can make products to sell or teach - again, honour their views or don't use!

Blue & White Feather Earrings
A Carolyn  S. Degroff Design
These sweet earrings have a North American type look to them.  I love these and wear them a lot.  The designer has an ArtFire shop where she promotes her jewellery and tutorials and also blogs.  CSD Designs

I believe I first came across her in a Yahoo group, where she very generously shares advice and tutorials from time to time. 

This design is based on brick stitch and cascades of loops, to form this pretty earring.

A Mariposa Design (Martina Nagele)
What do these earrings remind you of?  I think they look like fuchsias on a sunny day.  A really cute earring, made with a flower looking stem and frilly top. They would look lovely made with a gorgeous pearl ... 

This pair have been given a new home and were welcomed by the recipient, so I am told.  I was actually quite reluctant to release them; but as we all know, sometimes it is better to give than to receive. Also, of course I can make myself some more - so mustn't be selfish!

The stitch is herringbone peyote and works up very well; and quite quickly.  It will probably take you longer to decide on your colour scheme!  

Mariposa's blog is luxuriously laden with tutorials - such a talented designer and so generous.  

Berry Delight
Based on Tinkerbell Mariposa Design

I enjoyed making the Tinkerbell earrings and adapted the frilly top to be these earrings, using 'peanut' beads; which have a dumbbell look to them and interlink quite well.

On reflection, I don't really like my 'Berry Delight' ... they suggest 'frog spawn' to me, which is not really a nice image to hold!!!  So, they will be de-assembled, and parts used for something prettier! Perhaps I have to vivid an imagination.

Flower Earrings
A Deborah Roberti Design

The Flower Earrings I made using some of my 'old' stash - which do not show off the design to its best potential. Deborah Roberti is yet another talented artist and has an amazing array of jewellery. 

Take a look at her blog and soak up the inspiration.  Some of her tutorials are free and she gives specific guidelines for using them. 

Due to the irregularity of the beads, I decided to use these as Stitch Markers, which work perfectly with the neat flip back earring fastening. In fact, I'm sorely tempted to make more Stitch Markers.  That's another story for another day!

Handmade Monday No. 63
I really must put a permalink on my website for Wendy's Handmade Monday, as I don't always post on a Monday and its not fair that you should miss out on the weekly wares of these lovely friends.  

Take a visit and see what your inspired to do; because there you will find a wide selection of crafts and maybe there's one that you've always wanted to do?  

Take Me Out of My Time Warp
I've decided I do NOT like this 'blogging in the past'. Sorry, have I lost you - I mean that my Posts are a little behind and I don't feel that I can tell you what is happening 'here and now' and its my fault.  
If I Posted more often, then you would get my thoughts hot off the press; instead of which I'm having to trawl my grey cells to tell you what you've missed! 

I reckon two more Posts and then I'll be up-to-date with blogging and out of my 'time warp'. Well enough, waffle - I'm off to check out some of my friends on Handmade Monday ... maybe I'll see you there?

Lastly, keep the comments coming, its great to share views and if I know I'm not just talking to myself ... maybe, just maybe I WILL blog more often?

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. I love the blue earings and the flowers particularly. I can't quite see frog spawn - they look like berries but I can't remember which plant from. Hmmm think I need to stop as brain cells are not working. sorry.

  2. I thought 'Berry Delight' looked liked bumble bees until you said frog spawn! Tinkerbell is stunning

  3. All the earrings are lovely - I especially like the first pair, with the American Indian look. Love the colour, too x

  4. Your earings are so pretty. thinking of you xx

  5. Thanks everybody, perhaps I was a bit harsh on my orange/black earrings - wouldn't do for us all to be the same. Just not what I expected.

  6. I love the earrings and the way you have photographed them with added detail.

  7. Fabtastic selection of earrings...the beading looks super. Well done on being disciplined enough to try and make 52 pairs... I am in awe :)

  8. Ooh the Tinkerbell earrings are so pretty! The orange/black earrings are lovely too - not frog spawn like at all :) xx

  9. Thanks Caroline, Ros and Nicola

    Photographs are a bit of a touchy subject, since my episode with OH's camera! Not sure that I am on track for 52 pairs Ros, but I keep adding to it slowly. Nice to know Nicola that you like the orange/black ones - we all have different tastes, which is just as well really.

  10. Wow, those are all really beautiful. I think my favorite is the first ones as they do have a southwest flavor an I'm from New Mexico! But I love them all, even the Berry Delight. But then, Im a former biology teacher. ;)

  11. Thanks Susie, always lovely to see you visit. Berry Delight seems more popular than I thought.


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