Monday, 18 June 2012

You Know Your Behind When ... (Post 74)

You forget how to blog!!  Well, what can I say.  Its been so long since I last updated my blog that I couldn't even remember my password to access it and had to reset it! Now that is bad!  Not only that - but the layout of blogger seems to have changed in such a short space of time. This in itself has thrown me off track.  My own fault for not reporting in more often.  

It would seem that my last blog was bridging that gap in posts - now, I've fallen behind again.  

What have I been doing?  Jewellery-wise, not a lot!!

I've discovered Crochet and have encountered some lovely people who have helped me on that journey. It all started when I created an Etsy Treasury If Only ... I could crochet, little realising the force of attraction that it would have.  This one treasury brought back quite a response. 

People that have influenced me and who I am equally grateful to are:

Diane of Adesso Jewellery who introduced me to the basics of crocheting with beads, with some great advice and support.  Thank you! Her Etsy store is well worth a visit.  At the same time, Diane was about to set up her blog on Jewellery Making Techniques and has now achieved this - look forward to seeing this progress.  

Becs Dean of Beads By Becs, and also a friend from OTTBS.  Becs heard of my desire to bead crochet and in particular my confusion of 'how to start'.  She has a great tutorial on her Etsy store, which I was fortunate to be a 'tester' for.  I owe my actual 'starting' bead crochet to Becs.  Thank you!

Linda Lehman of Wearable Art Emporium who has been so helpful, and patient.  Thank you!  Linda writes tutorials for Bead and Button, and has featured in various other publications.  Her vast experience of teaching is evident in her work.

Gemma of Damselfly Gemma who seems to have a wealth of information when it comes to all forms of jewellery making and always willing to answer 'silly' questions that I sometimes ask.  Thank you! Her Crochet beaded pieces are inspiring.  

Unfortunately, I have become sidetracked by crocheting with yarn and have yet to complete a crochet beaded bracelet.  Partly because of my stubbornness in working with small beads .... even though Gemma suggested otherwise!  Partly, because of the fascination with yarn!  So, that is what I've been doing.

Many thanks to you all ... on what is just the beginning of my Crochet Journey!

It has grown a bit since this pic, but due to my being side-tracked its not yet finished!

I have made a Summer Hat, a few granny squares and bits and bobs.  

Lean pickings for June, I'm afraid but thought I'd just remind you I AM still blogging ...  Until next time:

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. I've been away for three weeks therefore have heaps to catch up on. your crochet projects look great. I love to crochet. Make doilies and flowers and blankets and give them away to charities. hope all is well with you xx

  2. Friends are great when we need to ask those silly questions! The bracelet looks great!

  3. Sorry for the delay ... took a little leave, so only just catching up.

    Thanks Sherryn,
    Good idea about the crochet, otherwise I'm going to end up with a house full of pot holders and granny squares!

    Thanks Kristen,
    Yes, where would we be without our friends.

  4. Hi honey just popped in to say 'hi' and hope that you are both well and happy

  5. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the nudge - all well here, albeit a little behind in posting!!! Time I remedied that.

  6. Saw you comment on another blog and thought I would pop over to say 'Hi' I can see that you have still been very creative and seem to have mastered crochet, well done! Crocheted bead ropes next perhaps?


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