Sunday, 22 April 2012

As Time Goes By (Post 72)

This year has roller skates ... no kidding, its moving along so fast yet I'm enjoying every minute.  Not all my time is spent making jewellery and I continually get side-tracked by new ideas, new techniques and the freedom that my recent retirement affords.  However, I am conscious that I do need to blog MORE ... not just to please my wonderful virtual friends who read my blog but to capture the excitement and enthusiasm I go through when creating my various forms of craft.

St Petersburg Chain
(c) Beading Daily Tutorial

St Petersburg Chain stitch is something you tend to link with Russian beading.  I see it as delicate but very eye-catching.  Here is a tutorial to introduce you to this stitch; a stitch that once you've learnt you too will fall in love with it!
'Floral Inspiration'
Designed by Callie Mitchell
My latest bracelet is a beautiful dainty design by Callie Mitchell, aka 'The Peregrine Beader'What I particularly liked about this bracelet is the sweet flower-like clasp, it really does look like petals; the toggle is a peyote band with crystals added on each end.

St Petersburg stitch is very quick to work, and easy to grasp.
Callie's tutorial finishes her bracelet with a clever pendant/flower clasp - I didn't have the swarovski pendant which is why I settled on doing the peyote toggle.  Sometimes its a case of adapting according to what's already in your stash!

Guess what ... to keep my Post to a 'readable' one, I'm going to finish off here but I do still have a lot to say.  Whilst reluctant to make empty blogging promises - I will be blogging again very shortly ... (honestly).

New Friends
I'd like to introduce you to three new friends who have recently joined us:

A multi-talented crafter who loves producing a variety of projects and sells her work on her own website.  Including ... jewellery, hats, scarves, hair accessories and household items.  Well worth a peek, I'd say.

Leslie Sirag
A creative lady, exhibits art crafts throughout New York to California.  Leslie's work is eye-catching unusual ... belonging to many creative teams also. Love steampunk, reformed work, alternate jewellery? You will 'lurve' her Etsy Store.

A lover of cross stitch and quilting Kristen started her passion with Beads in 2009. A fact which is hard to believe, given the amazing work she produces.  Kristen jokes if you follow her 'you may be in for a bumpy ride', I'd have to say its quite the opposite; its a path you'd love to follow!

You will have noticed by now, that a majority of my Friends, whilst sharing a strong link to jewellery making all enjoy all manner of crafts - its just the creativity shining through.  I hope that you take the time to visit them and are inspired to learn a new craft.  I know I find myself drawn to many new ideas and hope to do so for a long, long time.

Catch up again soon ...
'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging ... more often'



  1. Interesting blog, I don't know anyone who makes their own beaded jewellery! I really like that St Petersburg chain, nice work!

  2. Your new bracelet is lovely. I must go and have a look at the tutorial you have linked to. People who are good at beading always say things are easy! lol Mich x

  3. Your bracelet is gorgeous June. Hope all is well with you xx

  4. Eims, thanks for your visit. Beads work well with knitting as well, there's some beautiful beaded bags which might tempt you to start?

    Mitch, nice comment - like most things, its easy once you know it. The tutorial will give you the basics though - give it a go.

    Hi Sherryn, thank you ... all well here, must catch up on email xx

  5. Stunning work. I don't know how you have the patience!

  6. Thanks Val, its addictive working with little beads.

  7. Such a beautiful bracelet, but I don't remember seeing it pop up in the Facebook Group. Must have missed it somehow! I love that you've adapted the pattern to suit your stash though, very OTTBS xxx

  8. Thanks Clair, OTTBS is so busy it is easy to miss. Nice of you to pop by x


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