Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Little Rudy arrives ... (Post 57)

Only 2nd January and I start the New Year with one finished project!  Here he is ... my Little Rudy

Little Rudy ... (made from aTutorial from The Lone Beader)
You may recall I purchased a tutorial from Diana, The Lone Beader, a Jack Russell Terrier brooch. You may also remember my reaction to working with tiny seed beads ... shock, horror. Surprisingly though once I'd started I found myself  'in the zone' quite quickly and within a short time got quite attached to him.

The tutorial covered all the materials and tools required; the instructions were easy to follow and has lots of photos to guide you.  Diana kept in touch, so I was able to ask her advice at any time.  
Lessons I Learnt
Not quite asleep - afraid to miss something!
  1. Gather all your materials together before you start and make sure you order those that you need.  In my case, I had to order everything yet still forgot to buy black beads ... thinking I must have these already.  I substituted these beads (which were for the eyes) for larger 11/0s.  Its given Little Rudy a bit of a quirky look - instead of looking as if he's asleep, he looks like he has one eye open, keeping an eye on things.  Like a new puppy who is afraid of missing something.
  2. Keep in touch with the Designer, they are pleased to advise - they want your finished item to look good as well.  Diana was very friendly and helpful.  Thanks Diana!
  3. Be patient with yourself!  I found I kept referring back to the photos, like a comfort blanket for reassurance.  Its not a race ... don't work on it unless you have time to concentrate.  
  4. Diana encouraged you to complete an area then to close off a section and use a new thread. Great tip, because if you did go wrong at any point you could take out a section without ruining everything.  Not that I had to ... because I took my time this wasn't necessary - but I can see the logic behind it.
  5. Take photos ... its good to look back at and you'll want them to post on your blog!
  6. Keep in mind, you are learning new techniques which you can transfer to future projects, those that you feel inspired to design yourself.   That's the beauty of tutorials ... they are the stepping stone to releasing your own ideas.
This design could be a pendant or a brooch, or both!  I chose to have it as a brooch, (or Pin as I know Americans say).  I varied the finishing technique a little, by adding the bar clasp direct to the felt covering the stitches, then covered it with the ultra suede. This hid the bar, giving quite a neat finish.  
Back after Beading finished
Completed Back after adding Bar Clasp
I feel as if I've learnt a lot but also know I have a lot more to learn.  Diana's tutorial has given me the skills and confidence to continue my beading journey.  
Oh, he looks so cute!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Little Rudy.  Pop over and see what delights the The Lone Beader shop has.  You won't be disappointed, her work is simply amazing!

Before I close, I must lead you to another self taught Beading Artist, Smadar - who produces such intricate jewellery and has very kindly produced a free tutorial for her very own Ribbed Beaded Bead.  If you use this tutorial please credit Smadar as the designer and follow her guidelines.  Thank you.

Finally, thanks to Gemma, Dee, Norma Jean and Sarah for joining us - I hope to tell you a little more about them next time.  In the meantime ...

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'


'Little Rudy' ... amongst the Christmas Decorations


  1. Wow he is adorable. It works really well when the artist is open to help like Diana is. What a great job you did.

  2. Wow What a great Job. -t certainly helps when making your first one if the artist is open to walking you through it like Diana is. Congrats on your new puppy.

  3. Hello!
    Isn't Little Rudy a sweety! You've done a fab job and glad you've found that seed beads are not really scarey after all!

  4. Thanks Mary Anne, I agree its nice to know you have support if you need it.

    Thanks Gemma, he was fun to do, I've used seeds for a while but not usually this small!

  5. This is so cute. so intricate xx

  6. Aww, you did a lovely job on Little Rudy, he has brought me a big smile today:-)

    Thank you for the blog follow by the way, I've only just noticed, oops! Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks Sherryn, nice to hear from you x

    Thanks Alana, your welcome - I love the wirework piece of jewellery, it looks like an abstract teapot, (and that is meant as a compliment), your poems are also quite soulful.

    I lost touch with 'little beads' but after doing Little Rudy its sparked off a few ideas. It will be interesting to watch your progress with bead weaving an area I'm trying to master myself. Thanks for following!


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