Sunday, 8 January 2012

Why Do You Follow - Why Do I? (Post 58)

Since the New Year I have acquired numerous followers on Twitter and also to my blog, this set me thinking as to what makes somebody link up with another that they have never met before?  I would be interested to hear Your views.

My virtual friends on Charters Creations, are in the main, like-minded friends and have their own blogs which share their creative side.  I consider myself quite fortunate and enjoy linking in with you all.  

Do you link as a 'reciprocal gesture - I hope not, I certainly don't and only follow those who I 'want' to.  Some of the reasons why I do, are because:

  • I am inspired
  • Intrigued, perhaps you have an 'unusual' style to your blog
  • It may be the beginning of Your Journey - and this in itself I find interesting, which way will your path take you
  • I see similarities in my own 'learning curve'
  • Share views
I follow the same guidelines on Twitter; which is a whole different ball game!  The audience a lot larger, this is where the question is more apparent.  Why do People Follow Me?  I know for some its because they want to boast they have 'x' number of followers, others I like to think its because they've taken the time to look at my blog get to know me a little through my posts and like what they see.

Unfortunately that's not always the case ... some its just blatant advertising and spam tweets.  Anyone who follows me, I try to find out a little more about them; if they have the above criteria I may return the 'follow' - but never automatically.

Just a thought ... now I'd like to give a big welcome to:

Gemma of Damselfly Gemma is interested in all types of jewellery and makes beautiful resin jewellery, beaded hair clips, button jewellery and has an online Folksy shop where you too can see her work.

Dee - unknown to me but I'm sure somebody who likes Handmade crafts as she follows a few blogs that I do.

Norma Jean Dell of NJ Designs is a Beadweaver who designs beautiful, in fact my next post will feature a pair of earrings that is one of her designs.  Thank you for inspiring me!

Sarah of April is Forever creates handmade beaded jewellery on Etsy and sells tutorials and even has free tutorials whilst also contributing to Tackle That Bead Stash.

Alana Haukka is a Beadweaver, wireworker and polymer clay artist and poet who like so many of us is inspired by all types of creativity.

So, I think you will agree with my opening statement, so many of my virtual friends are fellow artists.  

Thank you all once again, its a great start to 2012.  I will be posting again tomorrow to show you the earrings I made for the Beadalong ....

Until then, 'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. I completely agree that many people see 'following' as number is not about quantity but quality.

    To be honest I haven't really got into Twitter and do find it to be full of spam...I love Facebook pages as it gives me a level of interaction with past/present customers that Twitter wouldn't give me.


  2. Mick, your right its not for number collecting. I think its great because I have come across some good contacts and found some relevant resources which I do follow 'if' its something I think I will use or buy from at a later date. Mind you, don't under estimate Twitter, I'm sure you will get some new customers via it. I'm only just finding my way around it at the minute.

  3. Going to enjoy following your blog!!!

  4. Welcome to my blog Debbie, great to have you following ...

    I've mentioned you on Charters Creations Facebook which also links in with my Twitter. I'm sure you will have lots of visitors.

  5. Thanks Debbie, great to have you following - have mentioned you on Twitter so I hope you will also have lots of visitors to your lovely shop.

  6. When people follow me on Twitter, I have a few rules that I stick to before I follow back. I check to see if we have anything in common, so beading, knitting, handmade etc, then I check their feed to see if they only post sales pitches or also reply to others, put up intersting links they have found etc, I don't follow if their feed is one continuous sales pitch, cos it gets a bit annoying! I want to find out more about the person as well as their work.

  7. Some good tips Sarah, I know exactly what you mean. They say that if somebody hasn't updated their profile picture and has very few tweets but is following loads of people its usually an indication that they're just trying to sell - avoid if you don't want spam. Because if you doh't follow them, they can't send direct messages.


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