Saturday, 3 December 2011

Is Aiming for Perfection a 'Gemini' Trait? (Post 54)

My beads arrived for the Lone Beader's Jack Russell Tutorial which were smaller than I expected. (The power of great photography) - not strictly true, I did know what I was letting myself in for.  I usually work with Size 11/0 these were a size smaller. Nothing to say you couldn't use the other one's but as we all know little is always cute!  Imagine my shock when I hadn't ordered black.  Such a silly mistake.  So, I may have to do these one or two features as a 15/0?  I did get the right one's for the cute little nose though.

The Lone Beader's Terrier Tutorial 
I haven't made a start on it yet, because I sort of got side tracked the other week on knitting SOCKS!!!  Didn't I tell you to expect more variety with my handcraft. This is where I embrace the 'Gemini' in me.  I have so much enthusiasm and get a little side-tracked sometimes.  At the minute, my sister has been singing her praises on the joy of sock making.  She did such a good job that I just had to make some. Admittedly, hers looked lovely - well ... it was fun to knit with 4-needles again.  

All was going to plan, even managed to shape the heel then, the Gremlins appeared out of the blue and I discovered, (24 rows too late, may I add) that I had dropped a stitch.  AAAAhhhhhhh! Although I was able to rescue it, the perfectionist in me demanded I rip it all back.

So ... poor Rudy, the terrier that is, is 'on hold'.  With the build up to Christmas he may not appear before the New Year.  I hope when I do make it I can do justice to Diana's tutorial.  Her work is so detailed, its a joy to look at.

The last week or so I am doing a lot of jewellery designing in the twilight hours of sleep.  Which is good ... and will at some stage be put into practice.  Which brings me on to my next post - 'Can it Be Right'?  More about that later ...

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! I am impressed with your perseverance in this project so far!! Keep up the great beading! :D


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