Saturday, 31 December 2011

Can It Be Right: (Post 55)

Firstly, I hope you all had a great Christmas.  Mine was a little unusual this year, as I went on holiday early arriving back on Christmas Day.  Thanks to the wonderful support of my family all the usual panic of christmas shopping etc and food preparation was taken care of - as Christmas evening was spent with my family and Turkey for boxing day cooked for me.  Thanks goes to you ... xx Aren't I spoilt!

I'd like to say a huge welcome to two very talented artists who have recently joined us, and, (judging by the profile picture) another artistic fellow beadworker:

Pearlysmiths : Angela a Jewellery Designer, specialising in Wedding jewellery, beaded accessories, and so much more.   Whilst also running numerous jewellery making workshops.  Some very interesting pieces.

Kerrie Slade : Kerry a contemporary Beadwork Designer, features in many Beading magazines including international countries;  and also teaches her skills to others.  No doubt, those of you who are avid headers will already be familiar with Kerrie's work.

Catherine: The very latest virtual friend.  Who, is a mystery to me at the moment, but hopefully will have a blog or Facebook to see more of her beautiful beadwork.

So, can I just say Thank you for following and to ALL of you, its great to share my blog with each and everyone.

I am guilty of over-surfing, (is there such a word?).  By that I mean I spend too much time browsing the web and not enough producing the goods.  I like to call it research.  One thing I have noticed is 'similarity' between jewellery designs.  I don't consider myself an expert by any means, but quite often I think, 'I'm sure I've seen that on somebody else's blog'?  I think that this is inevitable when the same 'technique' is used but I was saddened to hear that a certain artists work is being blatantly copied and reproduced as original by somebody else, when it is clearly not.  I won't go into specifics, some of you will know what I'm eluding to.

I've always stressed in my posts that its good to be inspired by other artists work, but you should always acknowledge them if reproducing their designs.  Aside from being dishonest, its bad karma - what goes round, comes around ...

This is my late 'catch up' but I really would like to do a Happy New Year post as well.  So ...

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'


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