Monday, 28 March 2011

Polymer Goodies Revealed Part 4 (Post 36)

Who would have thought that one batch of polymer clay could produce so much!  But first - 

 Handmade Monday No: 9 

(c) Charters Design: Ribbon Revival
I have mentioned this before, but just to remind you.  Wendy hosts a unique gift site and runs a regular blog in which she gives all us 'creative' people the opportunity to publicise what we've been up to all week - you may find that 'unusual' gift you've been looking for.  Its a great place to showcase your work, so why not join in every Monday. A true inspiration to all.

After creating my Part 4 goodies, I STILL had some polymer beads left and I made the Ribbon Revival necklace specifically to show how creative you can be with what is probably already in your Jewellery Stash box. 

(c) Ribbon Revival
Take a look at all what everybody else has been doing this week by visiting Handmade Monday No: 9

Thanks to Wendy for hosting Handmade Mondays ....

Polymer Goodies Revealed Part 4

This concludes the last set of polymer work, and incorporated a technique for blending various shades of colour to produce a mouthwatering selection.  I made two sets:
  1. Raspberry Ripple, and,
  2. Dragon Fire
Raspberry Ripple
Mmm, remember summer days and wafers of ice cream ... well, this is what this next set reminds me of.   
Close up of 'Raspberry Ripple'
I made these 'daggers' with a bit of a sharp angle, directing the hole so that when threaded it would emphasis this point.

Miyuki drops were used to give a 'stippy-stappy' look.  

Singular drops between the daggers but in groups of three on either side. Separated by delica seed beads.  Threaded on a memory wire.

(c) Charters Design - Raspberry Ripple Set
The necklace looks equally as nice with the smooth side showing - you could say its a matter of preference really.

The earrings were shaped to be flatter, to capture the contrast of pinky-red and white.  Little miyuki drops added to blend the style with the necklace.

One thing I'd always advise that you do when using memory wire, is to add a clasp to the ends.  Otherwise, you run the risk of the necklace falling off!  Be warned .... 

I added a trigger clasp and jump ring to the opposite end.

(c) Charters Design - Raspberry Ripple

Dragon Fire

(c) Charters Design - Dragon Fire
NB: Chain maille design courtesy of CG

This is only the 2nd time that I have worked in Chain Maille.  I have to admit, I found it very fiddly. 

Worked in copper.  The jump rings were purchased but the links and earring wires were handmade and shaped.

This chain maille pattern is known as 'Rhinos Snorting Drano' - which to me, conjured up images of dragons!  

It is difficult to do the pattern the justice it deserves, as it kept turning just as I clicked the picture!!

(c) Charters Design - Dragon Fire
Handmade links, clasp and hookAnd ... the beads, my polymer creations.

If you would like to take up chain maille I would recommend you take a look at CG Maille Tutorials

You need very little supplies: two pairs of pliers and a supply of jump rings ... oh, and lots and lots of patience, and ... hand cream, because your hands will ache and will need a bit of TLC afterwards.

(c) Charters Design - Dragon Fire
Can you see the pattern?

No, the pattern is 'turning' again!

(c) Charters Design - Dragon Fire Set

There we have it - all of my Polymer Goodies Revealed, plus a little extra.

I'm pleased that I also made my blog in time for  Handmade Monday 

I don't know if you have ever seen Beads and Buttons magazine?  Its a lovely magazine that showcases some amazing seed bead work.  The reason I'm saying this, is it is a great source of information and this week I'll be concentrating on beadwork.

Ok, and some more polyclay!

'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'




  1. Wow I love those beads. The colours are amazing. Great detailing and fine workmanship.

  2. What a lovely display of goodies. Your raspberry ripple necklace is gorgeous

  3. They're well named - raspberry ripple is so apt! They're all lovely and very summery.

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  4. Having watched a demo on polymer clay at the NEC on fri i can appreciate all the work gone into making your designs. Love the pink colour, really effective. Great post and pictures x

  5. These are great, I love red :)

  6. I saw that you posted and said "YeY!" outloud! I love that you used copper to compliment the colors, gorgeous designs! Tricky chain work, very nice!

  7. Raspberry ripple, yumm summer days, balmy nights, oops back on track lost myself then, love the creations this week, the dagger necklace is so different

  8. Love the Rasberry Ripple! Have got two packs of yet unopened Polymer - must give it a try... Nancy

  9. Nice comments - raspberry ripple seems to be a favourite amongst you all. Thanks everybody!

  10. Never had a go at Polymer Clay but it looks good. I love the colours you've used.
    Happy Monday
    Rebecca x

  11. Very pretty! I too have not yet had a go with polymer clay but it's on my list of crafts to try.

  12. Great jewellery, I've never tried polymer clay, apart from playing a bit with the children. Hugs Sue x

  13. WOW these are just gorgeous. Love that raspberry ripple too xx

  14. Hi, I'm Jan AKA Handcrafted by Picto, I've come over from the CF and I love your work, polymer is great to work with but I would never hope to do anything as beautiful as yours.

  15. Wow, so many new visitors - great to hear from you all! For those that haven't tried poly clay ... give it a go. I've only worked with it a short while, so have loads and loads yet to learn. All your hints and tips always welcome and if I've given you a 'nudge' to give it a go that makes me happy too!

  16. Fantastic work Charters! Wow I love those daggers you've made, they look amazing :)

    I'm so sorry I missed your message on OTTBS, please don't think I was ignoring you. I don't get notified if there are comments and I keep forgetting to check the older posts!

    If you need to ask me any questions about the challenges email me on and I'll do my best to help.

    PS. Wanted to email you but my old webmail isn't working and I can't access my address book...grr!

    Liz x


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