Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lonely Blog .... (Post 35)

Deserted ...
I can't believe that its been so long since my last post and after all my good intentions!  Apologies to all my loyal friends, and thanks for your continued support 

New Friends
I think that I should start by welcoming my three new lovely followers, who have recently joined us.
  1. Kat Shenton Kat is a multi talented lady, sharing enjoyment in Jewellery design, needlework, art and a cat lover.
  2. ZukieStyle  Dee is a Fashion graduate and creates beautiful vintage handbags and accessories.  Even bespoke accessories for pets! 
  3. Missy Polyclay, otherwise known as Daria - specialising in polymer clay goodies.  No, literally, all sort of sweeties, biscuits, cake looking polymer goodies!!  Take a look, she has some amazing creations.
    'Giveaway' In fact Missy Polyclay is giving you the chance of winning a pair of earrings - actually, there are 3 pairs up for grabs!  Go take a look NOW ....

    Many thanks go to Sherryn, who has honoured me with an award - always nice to know people are looking out for you.  Thank you x

    Moment of Truth
    Ok, so why no blog?  To be perfectly honest, somewhere along the line I, (like many others), lost the momentum, temporarily.  I suppose, as much as I HATE that expression ... I lost my 'mojo'.  One week turned into two ... etc etc.  Then, where do you start?     Particularly as I don't have any new goodies to show you.  I'm back at that set of crossroads, I've previously talked about.  Sort of inbetween 'routes'.  Good news though, I made a few lifestyle changes and will have more time to give to 'Charters Creations' ... I may even diversify into other artistic areas?

    I haven't forgotten I've still Part 4 to produce and will spend the next day or so concentrating on it.  So Folks, keep tuning in - this has just been a temporary 'blip' and normal service will resume as soon as possible - as they say!

    'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'



    1. It happens to all of us...you will get back into it and I am looking forward to seeing your new creations!


    2. Missed you. glad all is ok and look forward to seeing your new projects xx

    3. Well spoken and your moment of truth is shared by myself and many others! Could be the full moon, could be the tedious work efforts and not enough pats on the back, but KNOW THAT I appreciate you and really enjoy following your blog! Great to see a post!

    4. Thanks everybody, really appreciate your friendship. xx

    5. Glad to see you back. Everyone needs a break sometime. Glad to see you getting your mojo back. -Debbie


    Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate your feedback and look forward to your next visit.