Thursday, 24 February 2011

Polymer Goodies Revealed Part 2 (Post 32)

If you remember, I said on Part 1 that I had one more piece of jewellery to make from the orangey beads.  I wanted to introduce a bit of 'swing and flow' and intermingled the beads with square offset rings and two different shades of faux suede. 

The necklace is adjustable by sliding the coin up or down; enabling it to be worn quite long or short and closer to the neckline. This would give the suede 'tails' quite a dangle to them.  Sweet ...

I've started working on the beautiful red beads, have a few ideas in mind - let's see if they go to plan!  At the moment I'm just experimenting with canes, which is good but I don't have any end products in mind.  And ... unashamedly, using up what PC I have in stock; because until I feel more 'in control' of it, I'm reluctant to order any more.

Once I have a little more idea where I'm heading, I'll have a better idea of what other stock to buy.  Its all a learning curve .... but loads of fun!

Still to come ... Polymer Goodies Revealed Part 3

Until then ...

'Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. Such pretty colors! I really like that you used the coin which seems so sophisticated to me. Beautiful!

  2. These beads are fabulous! Thanks for stopping by Toucan Scraps. I also post at :)

  3. Kathy, thanks - its surprising what you can do with some 'left over' change from holidays!

    I enjoy catching up on your blog ... now a 2nd one, I am spoilt. Just nipped across and liking it a lot!


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