Monday, 21 February 2011

Polymer Goodies Revealed Part 1 (Post 30)

On my journey with Polymer Clay, (now referred to as PC), I was more involved in the technique than the finished article.  So, once the sanding/buffing was done I was then faced with 'what to do with it'.  Hence, Part 1 ... I'm still designing the rest! 

Totem Patrol

Totem Patrol

My first attempt at abstract Cane Work, with my limited range of PC that I currently have.  I like the vibrance of the orange and red/pink with the white toning it down nicely.

Cane work is basically a way of binding together various clays to enhance it and can be used to build a picture.  There are many good videos on this technique.  The purple/yellow/white flowers are also a form of Cane.  The leaves are lucite.  The bracelet is formed on a goldplated chain.  

Global Orange Bracelet

Global Orange
This bracelet was created with handmade beads, of similar colour to the Cane.  The silverplated tube beads were added, along with beautiful little crystals - which really twinkle.
A useful tip is to weigh your clay so it is all the same, which when rolled between your hands will give you 'equal' sized beads, (well .... you stand a better chance anyway).

I daresay if I was to measure each bead they may vary ever so slightly!!).

Global Orange Earrings

Global Orange

Here you can see the Cane that I made which features in the following Necklace as well.  I added orange glass seed beads with the crystals, just for a little depth really and to give a little proportion to the length of earring.

Global Orange Necklace with Pendant

Global Orange
My focus here was the pendant; on its own it didn't seem to be as eye-catching as I'd wanted.  To remedy this I enhanced it with two handmade larger beads.  These beads had Cane Slices surrounding them, which I melded to blend in naturally.

The necklace itself is a combination of crystals, (nicely glitzy without being OTT), and orange glass seed beads.

Maybe the Pendant would have stood out more if I had attached it to a length of suede?  Mmmm ... food for thought.  Or, possibly a fine chain?
Global Orange

Its easy to change your mind after the event ... there's always next time.  

Still to Come 
I'm working on one more designed item using this cane, then its the beautiful range of reds! 

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. The necklace is stunning - very tropical :)

    I hope I'm not telling you what you already know, but another way to get uniform beads is to use a cookie/clay cutter to get same sized pieces each time - you then roll them into balls and cover them with canes :)

  2. Hazel,
    Good tip, thanks - always ready to take advice. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  3. Your jewelry looks "delicious"! The focal pendant reminds me of a celtic pattern with vivid color, at least from a distance. I read the finishing tips from the last post, very helpful, and I plan to try the sanding in water. Not sure what a pop sock is??

  4. Thank you, nice of you to say so! Pop socks are also known as knee-highs. Like a pair of ladies tights, but only to the knee. I put them on like a pair of gloves and just buff the jewellery until it has a soft sheen to it.


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