Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mookaite Unwrapped (Post 24)

Mookkaite - aka Australian Jasper (pronounced moo-kite)
Some time ago I came across some beautiful mookaite beads and just loved the smoothness and colours of the gemstone, which somehow have a very soothing effect.   Mookaite is a beautiful gemstone that varies in colour with lots of different tones to it.  It reminds me of marble but a lot creamier.

Properties of Mookaite
An Example from Crystal Wiki
It is a stone that is said to to help with self-esteem, facing fear and lifting depression.  It assists in decision making, providing guidance to the most appropriate answer at that time.  This then gives you new perspectives, enabling you to 'move forward' and socially interact more.  It is said to help you to accept yourself.  Quite enabling traits ... which enhance creativity.

Maisie Mink

Aside from 'gloating' over their beauty  I just could not decide what to do with them.  (That's funny, given their list of properties above).

I wanted to make sure I didn't lose the warmth and clarity of colours.  So after many moons of dithering, I finally had the inspiration to make this set of earrings and necklace.

Working with copper enhanced the colours really well.  I also love the little miyuki drop beads which have a staggered effect as their hole is slightly off centre.

Welcome to 'New Followers'
I'm pleased to say that I have another 3 followers, bringing the grand total to 36 - thank you all so much! 
May I welcome:
  • Clair - A creative lady whose multi talents are never ending, lucky for those of us who follow her blog.
  • Dawn - A Jewellery Designer, amongst other skills; Reki Master Teacher, Indian Head Massage Therapist.  
  • Carrie - A newcomer to the world of crafts, with a passion for knitting; who I hope will develop her range of skills further.

Not long until Christmas now, but I hope to post a few more goodies before then.

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. Loving the chunkiness of that necklace, combined with the softness of the colours - gorgeous!

    And thanks for the mention in dispatches x

  2. Clair, thanks - I like to mention blogs of my followers to show my appreciation. After all we've got to support these crafts; (oops, spelt your name wrong though - but have amended it now).

    Sherryn, thanks for your lovely comments - always nice to hear from you.

  3. Loving working with semi-precious myself at the moment.
    Great necklace :-) ..keep in touch!

  4. Thanks Val, I see your busy with Fairs leading up to Christmas, that's got to be good - keep them coming! Liking your crochet work ....

  5. there's something for you on my blog. have a nice weekend. Hope you're keeping warm xx

  6. Hi there, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog about my art. I love to create and the blue lady was made with exactly that intention, although you are the first person to mention it.
    I have just been looking through your beautiful blog of precious stones and jewellery, i think you are so talented, i can only imagine the work that goes into each design and thanks so much for the interesting write up on the stones, i love to learn about different crystals etc.
    take care for now

  7. Ooh ... Sherryn, on my way over to take a peek!

  8. Thanks June - nice to see your now following my blog, welcome aboard.

  9. Thank you Lulu - your welcome.

  10. Hi June, Stunning work. Just loving the stones you are using. I love touching beautiful stones and have crystals dotted all over the house.
    Hugs ,May.

  11. Thanks May, there is something special about gemstones and crystals.


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