Monday, 8 November 2010

Autumn Collection Part Three (Post 22)

Like buses ... you wait for ages then they all come together!  

For those of you who may not realise, this is my 2nd update tonight - so don't forget to look at Post 21.  Especially as the method is explained more there.

Glitter Cage

Another French Knitting creation.  This time I used wire, threading loads and loads of small glass beads straight on to the spool of wire.  

It was very interesting to see the contrast between this and 'Autumn Nest' - considering the technique was the same.  (See my last post, Post 21).

I found that with wire, the cord was too big - maybe my bumble bee would have made a smaller tube?  

I decided to use glass 'marbles' as a centre.  I didn't need to thread additional wire down the middle as it was quite robust as it was.

The 'marbles' I just put in the middle of the spool.  You will find that they need a gentle 'prod' to position them - don't be afraid to give that little push, the wire is strong enough to take it!
I added a black glass marble as a focal point.  The smaller glass beads enveloped the necklace bringing it all together.

Although the necklace is not 'too' heavy, it seemed as if it needed extra strength on the chain.  I used doubled chain which also gave a substantial added 'glitter' to the necklace.

I hope you enjoyed my autumn pieces.  Please feel free to comment, I'm always interested to hear your views.  

Its that 'awkward' time of year now, where I will be working on a few christmas projects - which I won't be able to show you ... yet.  In the meantime, I will still be flitting through my bead stash and keep the creation alive.

Keep Watching - and I'll Keep Blogging!



  1. Ooh. I bought a spool a little while ago, but I've yet to sit down with a tutorial and have a go. This is beautiful inspiration though :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment over my blog, by the way x


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