Monday, 16 May 2011

Beauty - Really is 'In The Eye of The Beholder' (Post 42)

A week goes by, and I'm left wondering where?  Where did it go ... well, for me I did some polymer work - OK, 'half did' some polymer work.  Its still in progress.  What I had in my head did not quite turn out to plan.  But as it is well known, sometimes these works of art are inspirational in their own right.  

But first ...

Apologies to:  
  • Carolee Crafts, Abracadebra, The Crimson Moon
    Due to what I think can only be a Blogger issue, I was unable to post the lovely comments that they sent.  Blogger was down for a period in the week and I could not even access the Design area; unfortunately when I did their posts had been removed - although I still had them in my email?  Gremlins at play!  So, thank you for your Comments - always appreciated.
  • Missy Polyclay
    Last month Daria held a 'giveaway' competition on her blog, and I was fortunate to be the winner.  I've been a bit impatient waiting for the prezzy to arrive and Daria and I have been exchanging a few emails, hope I haven't been a pain.  Although the package has been sent, I can only come to the conclusion that it has been lost in the post.  A bit frustrating for us both, but not to worry, as they say ... what you haven't got you won't miss.  It was still nice to have been selected; Daria's work is lovely.
Hello and Welcome to:
  • Carolee Crafts Caroline creates lovely bespoke gifts and cards and she has a great eye for detail and originality.  Take a peek, I know she'd enjoy a visit from you.
Don't forget to pop across to Wendy's blog for this week's Handmade Monday No. 16

Work In Progress
You may remember that I've been collecting Sea Glass, well this week I was given another great 'addition to my collection' from Barbados.  (Posted at the top with the Clown protecting it).  I decided to have a bit of a test run, encasing it with polymer.

Work in Progress
Reserving judgement at the minute!  It 'kinda' did work but its debatable as to what degree!! 

I do like the scallopy-looking one, think that may have potential.

Conclusion: Research a bit more - I think that Silver bezel would be more appealing; although in all fairness I've only skirted the technique as yet.  If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them though.

This week, I've got a few projects to finish and some more beadwork techniques to do. 

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'



  1. I do love sea glass - I hope you find an answer to your technical questions as I certainly don't have a clue!

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  2. Oh, I look forward to your sea glass things! We live near the beach and altho we don't as much sea glass as one would think, we do pick it up when we see it. I love all things glass! :)

  3. I do love sea glass! I have been collecting it for years but still haven't had inspiration with what to do with it...I want to frame it somehow by keeping it natural looking but just haven't had that 'idea' yet...looking forward to seeing yours!


  4. Finally a clown that does not scare me witless :) Am off to the beach to see what glass I can find... your's are lovely.

  5. Your clown is adorable. Love his red felt coat.
    Never heard of sea glass so eager to see your results and what you come up with. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. Thank you for the link Charters, having fisty cuffs with my web site hosts atm, so not much showing.

    Love the colours of sea glass, muted and cannot wait to see more finished items

  7. That's a lovely collection of sea glass - I'd no idea that what it was called, but I do now :) Looking forward to seeing finished products :)

    HT x

  8. Your processes sound fascinating but too technical for my poor brain. I like the materials you are working with and like the scallopped one best. Are you saying you're going to make them in silver - if so look forward to that

  9. Looking forward to your sea glass designs. Some of my prizes are still coming too. Must be floating around somewhere lol. Hope all is well xx

  10. Nice to catch up with you all. I've only been collecting Sea Glass a short while, so its getting to the stage now where I need to do something with it. When you first start finding it - its just glass. Then, you get drawn to all the different shapes and variety of shades and colours.

    The clown is one of a pair, that I was just attracted to and 'had to have'. I thought they'd be very photogenic with the jewellery. And yes ... I did buy the other one as well. I was a little unsure, as clowns are as 'Ros' hints at, a little scary, and I kept on thinking of that Stephen King film - even though I have never seen it! But they are growing on me now and I think their quite cute.

    Not sure the best way to show off the glass, I wanted to use Precious Metal Clay but I don't have a kiln and the glass would crack if I use my blowtorch. So ... yes, Caroline, I would like to somehow incorporate them with glass.

    Like Mick, I'm looking for the inspiration to flow ... could take a while. :)

  11. OK, my first thoughts were pearls in a shell,then it was stained glass windows, but now I'm off on mosaic tiles, table tops etc. None of which have anything to do with jewellery! No help I'm sure.

  12. I always think it's great to experiment. Not everything may work, but sometimes the best results come from random playing! :)

  13. I live at the seaside and never see any sea glass - so lucky,lucky you, and what a lovely way to use it!
    Jo x

  14. Polly: Some great ideas ... mosiacs are a good idea, in fact I could incorporate it into polymer clay designs? I like the other ideas as well.

    CJ: Very true ... no such thing as a design fault!

    Pickle Lily: Next time your out on a stroll, find a small area and look - there will be sea glass, you just need to be aware. Once you find that 1st piece you WILL be hooked.


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