Monday, 31 January 2011

New Year Starts Here! Part 1 of 2 (Post 27)

Its been quite an interesting time since Christmas and I'm now ready for 2011 and all that it offers.

PMC Shell Pendant - Sue Heaser Workshop

I suppose you could say I've been researching ideas - or just taking a break?  What I can say is what an amazing opportunity I chanced upon.  I was extremely fortunate to attend a double workshop held by Sue Heaser.  The workshops were totally unexpected, but certainly not to be missed!  Sue is renowned for her silver clay, (precious metal clay - PMC) and polymer miniatures as well as being the first Art Clay Instructor in the UK - teaching worldwide.  Towards the end of last year I bought one of her PMC books and that was ONE of my New Year Resolutions - to work through the techniques.  Sue also founded The Polymer Claypit - a 'must site to visit' for all you polymer clay enthusiasts.  (This site is now owned by George Weil Group - and now covers a vast range of other crafting supplies also - personally, in my opinion, the website is not quite as 'friendly looking' as when Sue had it, but still a good site).

Teardrop Tree - Sue Heaser Workshop

Then ... 'out of the blue' I had the chance of taking part in her workshops.  I've got to admit, I was so excited - 'kismet' ... had to be fate?  


It was of immense value to me and over the two workshops I made 2 pendants and a pair of earrings; which gave me the 'push' I needed to get back on track.

The workshops were really just 'tasters' to demonstrate the versatility of working with PMC.  What was really lovely, was Sue had brought samples of her work and many of them were from her book - so I was already familiar with her work, mind you ... the 'real life' jewellery was even nicer than the pictures.

The earrings are my own design, this workshop was to practice with 'texture'.  I chose to have a teardrop background with an added 'tree-like' shape which I lightly textured.

Aztec Pendant - Sue Heaser Workshop
The 2nd Pendant, also my design, was again, to show the effects of texturing.  I thought this had an 'aztec' look to it, with the horizontal lines and the added little triangle.

I came away with some Art Clay and a whole new raft of project ideas just waiting to be designed.  That's the beauty of learning - get to know your techniques but put your own mark on your designs!

Meeting Sue Heaser has been the highlight of 2011 so far - she even signed a book that I'd bought from her at the workshop!  But I must tell you a little more about my short break ....

Coming up in Part 2 ....

'Keep Watching, and I'll Keep Blogging'


Monday, 10 January 2011

New Year - New Goals (Post 26)

A very Happy New Year to you all ... one that I believe is going to be very interesting, for numerous reasons.  I can't believe that it's already a good way into January. 

Christmas was just wonderful, a true 'family' type of Christmas, lots of celebrating and relaxing.   So laid back I'm practically horizontal.  Have to admit I have 'not' made any jewellery in ages.  Although I did make a very nice chainmaille bracelet - as a present, but silly me, I forgot to photo it ... but there will be more, I can promise that.

Santa was good to me and brought me a 'tumbler' for shining gemstones, silver work etc.  This will be useful for when I make my own Jump Rings - something I will need to do if I intend creating chain maille pieces.

As you can see, we had lots of snow which looked true postcard stuff.  After taking a long break it gave me time to reflect on the year and semi plan what I want for 2011.

First and foremost, it has to be, To Be:
  • happy
  • creative
  • develop new challenges
  • embrace new ideas
  • overall - to enjoy whatever 2011 offers.
This year I want to be more 'interactive' with my 'blog friends' and would like to encourage you to give me your feedback.  I have toyed with the idea of a more 'open' blog ... but felt that my personal life should remain just that.  Besides, it may not be exciting enough to keep you interested!

Seriously though, my blog is to showcase my creations and I 'may' open that to other forms of crafts that I do.  OK ... this is where you can give me your views.  Would you prefer I kept it to Just Jewellery?

Taking note of other blogs, it would appear that many of you are involved in various 'Challenges' relating to your area of expertise.  Now this I think IS a good idea and one that I aim to address.  Ahem ... your views - do YOU belong to any sites like 'create a .... using only the colour green' for example.  What Challenges do you subscribe to or recommend?

New Followers - New Friends
It is with great delight I notice I have TWO new Friends.  Please welcome:
  1. Amanda, who has passed through and decided to stay.
  2. Noemi, from Salamanca, Spain
    Noemi has specialised in Arts and Crafts and holds a diploma in interior design and has specific qualities in enamalling and more recently Jewellery making.
Welcome to you both and a big thank you for your support.  Especially as I haven't posted in a while!
So, here's to a great New Year .... and remember, once I reach my magic 50 Follower Friends I'll do a 'freebie'.  (Gosh, its getting close and I don't have a clue 'how to' - but when has that ever stopped me from doing something).

I love New Years' ... its like a fresh start!  Do any of you remember that song ... I'm turning Japanese, I really thinks so ....  Well, I think I'm turning Chinese or certainly supporting their New Year.  My New Year, for reasons I won't bore you with will start at the beginning of February.  (Similar to Chinese New Year, I think?).  Its not far away honest.  Besides, in the meantime, please leave me your feedback and lets aim for a 'chatty, creative and fun' 2011.
Once again, great to have your support - many thanks! And, remember ...

Keep Watching and I'll Keep Blogging.