Friday, 3 December 2010

Blog Award (Post 25)

Today I was very excited to receive my very first blog award from Sherryn - its a lovely feeling and who knows with the strong 'Laws of Attraction' it may well be the first of many.  Thank you Sherryn, x

In order to accept the award I need to impart 5 pieces of information about myself that you don't know about me.  Then nominate five other worthy bloggers.  Here goes ....
  1. When I was nursing I turned up for duty an hour earlier than I should have.  I'd forgotten to put my clock forward, I wasn't allowed home either.  Haven't done that since.
  2. I hate Liver .... ugh, just the thought of it.
  3. I'm known for being a bit dopey when it comes to having a sense of direction - maybe its a woman thing?  I got lost going to pick my son up from school.  It was a regular route that I'd travelled for over 5 yrs and was only 6 miles away.  It was a long time before I was allowed to forget that one!
  4. I can't eat chocolate, had to give it up 11 yrs ago ... (still miss it though).
  5. I once bumped into Norman Wisdom, the actor, literally.  He was coming out of a shop in Perranporth, Cornwall.  I don't know who was the most apologetic.  And ... I didn't think to ask for his autograph.
I present the above award to the following people:
Whenever I visit their blogs I am always inspired, I'm sure you will be too. 

New Followers
I'd like to welcome:
  1. Lisa
    Who has a diverse range of talents, papercraft, jewellery designer, photographer - to name a few.
  2. June
    An artist with a vast portfolio of goodies and also gifted in writing beautiful poetry
Welcome to the both of you and thank you for joining me.  Once I reach the dizzy height of 50 followers I will be giving away candy!  (I'm sure that won't be long now).

Wot No Posts!!!
No, I'm not posting any creations tonight but aim to very soon ....

In the meantime .... 'Keep Watching - and I'll Keep Blogging'